03 Dec 2021 - 21:15

Aziz Ansari's Master of None has to be one of my absolute favorite shows ever (also one of the smartest-funniest). Wish I could write the way he does.

01 Dec 2021 - 13:04

Meaningful Stone - Beep-Boop, Beep-Boop [CLUB CASPER 2021 Day 1]

30 Nov 2021 - 14:52

About to scan negatives from 2019. This is harder than I thought. 😅😅

30 Nov 2021 - 13:41

Today in National Holidays:

29 Nov 2021 - 21:35

CURRENTLY LISTENING Discovery by Daft Punk (2001)

Daft Punk album art

Probably the album that truly cemented my love for electronic dance music, which started in high school, I think.

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29 Nov 2021 - 14:42

Virgil Abloh’s Lecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design

29 Nov 2021 - 11:47

CURRENTLY LISTENING Jinah Restaurant Full Course by Lee Jin-ah (2018)

a photo of Jinah by a piano as her album art

A true full-course! The diversity in this album while still having a coherent sound. Oh, the stuff Jinah gets to pull off. Also, I am still obsessed with that opening track. One of K-pop's best, surprising collabs, imho.

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27 Nov 2021 - 19:21

Albums made out of the pandemic can either be really intense or just dull (like being meta type of dull).

27 Nov 2021 - 18:53

CURRENTLY LISTENING What We Call Life by Jordan Rakei (2021)

a collage style album cover

This album makes me feel like I'm floating underwater, enveloped by stories and feelings...if that makes any sense. Sonically, the vocal arrangements give off this effect the mostest. 🤔 Gah.

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27 Nov 2021 - 17:01


What Do I Call You album art, a girl image drawn with colored pencils

Had this on loop all afternoon. What a great 2020 K-pop album, ugh.

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27 Nov 2021 - 09:40

CURRENTLY LISTENING Lianne La Havas by Lianne La Havas (2020)

Lianne La Havas album cover with her smiling

Such a greatttt Saturday morning album. That cover of 'Weird Fishes', eh?

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27 Nov 2021 - 09:17

“A life in thankfulness releases the glory of God.”

27 Nov 2021 - 08:10

Resignations are weird.

25 Nov 2021 - 21:08

Of course, there are some things you spend time patiently waiting for that end up being underwhelming.

25 Nov 2021 - 20:35

Grateful for every breath.

23 Nov 2021 - 14:44

Joined friends in a Spotify group listening session and finally getting the hang of this feature (the first time we tried this more than a year ago, there were tech difficulties :))

23 Nov 2021 - 10:05

Interesting how even a low-maintenance life can require a lot.

22 Nov 2021 - 11:08

CURRENTLY LISTENING Anthropocene by Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra (2018)

Anthropocene album art

This album is such a mood setter. ☺️

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21 Nov 2021 - 18:40

CURRENTLY LISTENING Bitches Brew by Miles Davis (1970)

A painting as Miles Davis' Bitches Brew album art

This record turned 50 last year!

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21 Nov 2021 - 10:26

Here's to me hoping I get a copy of this album, puhlease. (Also, a Nate Chinen review!)

20 Nov 2021 - 18:17

'External markers of adulthood ≠ maturity' - found in some video essay on adulting. Can stand by this, for sure.

20 Nov 2021 - 16:11

CURRENTLY LISTENING Bossamanila by Sound (2003)

Scene from the Manila bay, photo used as Sound's album art for Bossamanila

The great throwback. One of my favorite Filipino bands ever.

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20 Nov 2021 - 13:56

CURRENTLY LISTENING From All Sides by Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete

From All Sides by Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete album art in green with a photo of the 2 artists

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20 Nov 2021 - 13:53

Bought a pair of cheap but hiiiiigh quality bookshelf speakers. Played Guaraldi's 'Ginza Samba' and was surprised at how much better the track can sound. Might've shed a tear. 😂

19 Nov 2021 - 13:15

Found a link to this via Wesley's page, which is great because I have been thinking about looking for a physical copy of Alexander's book. It's nice to hear his voice!

19 Nov 2021 - 12:47

CURRENTLY LISTENING Alas, I Cannot Swim by Laura Marling (2008)

Alas, I Cannot Swim album art

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18 Nov 2021 - 10:42

Did YouTube really make video autoplay the default again? 😔

17 Nov 2021 - 12:16


Tokyo Jihen - Sports album art

I can't believe this album is 11 years old. I still feel like it's a recent release, for some reason. Still, hands down, my favorite album from them. 'Season Sayonara' still makes me cry a little.

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17 Nov 2021 - 11:05

Not kidding, it's quite a great skill to be able to laugh at yourself.

17 Nov 2021 - 10:28

THINGS THAT MAKE ME BOOGIE A pantry that's always full~

16 Nov 2021 - 21:01

'The BuzzFeedication of Mental Health' by P.E. Moskowitz

Found via Dense Discovery

16 Nov 2021 - 12:24

NEW THINGS Just installed a new browser plugin called Delay Distraction by a developer student named Frank Jia. You probably know what it's for. :))

16 Nov 2021 - 11:49

MacOS prompting Monterey OS update

Mmm, nope.

16 Nov 2021 - 09:19

DREAM LOG "She's probably cooped up in her box, praying for something (more) to happen, just like any other woman."


16 Nov 2021 - 06:44

Got a little bit obsessed with a coffee shop’s dirty matcha drink because it was soooo good (hullo, Dot Coffee) = couldn’t sleep without wondering if I was going insane

15 Nov 2021 - 13:47

I have found myself in this corner of the internet over lunch break.

15 Nov 2021 - 13:05

YouTube autoplay being funny:

Funny. (Ngl, that TBZ release is something. The Thrill-ing era was pretty short, though.)

15 Nov 2021 - 09:22



14 Nov 2021 - 23:12

Today in movie screenshots:

In a capitalist society, hypocrisy ensures convenience.

Don't be the bull endlessly ramming its horns into the corner of the room.

14 Nov 2021 - 20:52

Christmas music in 2 words? Vince Guaraldi.

14 Nov 2021 - 19:54

Basically spent this weekend doing chores and watching movies. This was the line-up:

Was going to call it an all-Asian mini movie marathon, but that won't be fully accurate, hah.

TBD, to close the day:

14 Nov 2021 - 17:33

There are movies that amaze me or make me feel things (ie make me weep). Romcoms fall under the latter, hah

14 Nov 2021 - 10:29

The older you get, the less funny self-deprecating humor becomes

Ha ha

13 Nov 2021 - 21:42

This is mostly a note to self, hah. Not that there's really a past to speak of.

13 Nov 2021 - 20:55

When we say 'your past does not define you', people mostly refer to the bad stuff you've done. But thinking about it, your past accomplishments also don't really define who you are today. Not really ok basking in the glory of yesterday, and this can be seen in how you may feel good about yourself when you talk about what you've done in the past to other people. 🤔 Yikes.

The question should then be: What are you actually doing now?

12 Nov 2021 - 12:50

Yo, @David aka netbros.com! 👋

Hello to other folks in the Thoughts webring!

12 Nov 2021 - 09:46

When I do an alignment call with one designer coworker, it starts or ends with intense life talk (which feels like a funny-odd switch of sorts because things almost always 'escalate quickly' from hi-hello's to...parenting and challenging the dictates of society 😆).

12 Nov 2021 - 07:19

The older you get, the heavier your years weigh.

Feels like years that pass become a multiplier of sorts.

12 Nov 2021 - 05:50

Probably one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. Žižek is funny.

11 Nov 2021 - 18:50

Randomly remembered that I had Alicia Keys' Songs in A Minor in cassette form (in 2001, I only had a small tape deck in my room and while the shared PC at home had a disc drive, a CD was too expensive for my highschool budget).

Anyway, this is such a great debut album, ugh

11 Nov 2021 - 16:54

The worrying never stops, eh?

11 Nov 2021 - 15:22

Interesting how the pandemic has led me to be more aware of vocal fry in people's voices during work calls

11 Nov 2021 - 15:21

It's not a hardworking Mac/Windows machine if you don't encounter a kernel panic episode/blue screen of death, heh

11 Nov 2021 - 14:20

11 Nov 2021 - 13:23

Pie crust is truly something else

11 Nov 2021 - 10:46

Was pretty late to the Jon Klassen party around 11 years ago, and only found him through the music video of one of my favorite U2 songs ever (made me cry the first watched this video + listened to the song, for some reason).

He did the art for this music video! Directed by David O'Reilly.

11 Nov 2021 - 09:11

"You find out a lot about yourself based on your font choices." (Roughly quoting Jon Klassen from his IG live when he talked about drawing letters for books. He encouraged people to try drawing type if stumped on where to start.)

11 Nov 2021 - 09:11

Jon Klassen live on Instagram now, and he's explaining the logic on designing his characters in his and Mac Barnett's shapes book series. Basically the simplicity of his character design is so that you don't immediately know their personality--you can't tell whatever's going through their mind or if they're mean or kind, etc. You can't judge them, and you'll need to read the book to get to know them.

Visual formats usually do default to display cues of whether or not a character is sinister or whether they're the pro-/antagonist.

11 Nov 2021 - 08:05

This is me having faith in sunblock doing whatever its meant to do while I'm indoors~ Hashtag: Aging Is Real

11 Nov 2021 - 08:04

DREAM LOG Can't remember the whole story, but one scene sticks out: I remember seeing myself removing sub sandwich buns from an open shelf in my kitchen and when I held them in my hands, I saw that one had molds on the sides and the other without.


10 Nov 2021 - 23:13

Realized earlier that sleep becomes exciting for me because I can’t wait to wake up and have breakfast the next day

10 Nov 2021 - 20:31

I really love banana bread 🙊 oh naw

10 Nov 2021 - 12:21

Art direction crush: Unlimited Edition from 🇰🇷

09 Nov 2021 - 16:06

Personalization for trivial* online functions is extremely overrated.

Internet, give us back our brain cells. Let us decide for ourselves and make personalization an option, not a default.

*Yes, there is such a disclaimer, because it definitely has its use in the right context. It's not for everything

09 Nov 2021 - 14:39

"There’s nothing inherently wrong with gifts, but it’s irresponsible for us to believe that purchasing presents is a holiday requirement."

An Irresponsible Christmas by The Minimalists, via Minimalism.life

09 Nov 2021 - 11:41

Today in life wins: Reheating fries in the microwave effectively restoring crisp~

09 Nov 2021 - 06:06


Album art for Car, the garden's 2017 album APARTMENT; dark night with light shining on a building that looks like a cement cube with small square windows

09 Nov 2021 - 05:39

Need to learn how to write better alt text

09 Nov 2021 - 05:15

Here’s a supporting visual for said anecdote

Falling off from a bike in Taipei

Good times, good times.

09 Nov 2021 - 05:10

Twitter early in the morning does make me feel tired. Or Twitter at any time of the day

08 Nov 2021 - 20:58

My song of the year remains to be Stella Jang's 'Some Days' from her Stairs EP. Watch and turn on ENG subs, plz

08 Nov 2021 - 20:48

(I haven't totally given up on mainstream social media platforms because some of my favorite creatives are on them, specifically on Instagram. So instead, I'm choosing to be more mindful about following people. This FOLLOWING tag thing is how I make sense of my social media activity. Blah blah)

08 Nov 2021 - 20:47

FOLLOWING @kakikata.space

Lovely illustrations, great bits of advice on mindful eating (and mindful living, actually)

08 Nov 2021 - 20:45

Instant ramen is my uhh new bag of chips*.

*bag of chips = drug

Oh no

08 Nov 2021 - 20:38

Which reminds me: I did fall off a bike in the rain one time, while overseas. Was on the ground for a while, with people attempting to ask me if I was ok, in their local language. Probably one of my favorite moments in this life. That and other past bike-related uhh booboos might've caused this meniscus tear. Nuninooooo~

08 Nov 2021 - 12:51

Oh, the joy of getting a medical report that tells you you only have a minor tear and nothing serious.

08 Nov 2021 - 08:55

Current brain crush: Sho Shibuya's design work as seen in his NYTimes personal project and also his design studio, Placeholder 💕

07 Nov 2021 - 20:56

Today in Web Design~ Mailchimp's By the Books

07 Nov 2021 - 19:56


07 Nov 2021 - 12:09

Apparently the earlier posted quote was misattributed to Maya Angelou? Getting a thrill out of these citation investigation things borne out of the internet (because these misattributions are also common thanks to the internet~)

07 Nov 2021 - 11:55

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."

A Chinese proverb this 88Rising Head in the Clouds stream just projected in their interstitial things~

07 Nov 2021 - 11:17

Interesting how the need for instant social media updates has affected behavior. The (social media) proof of being present at that moment reduces the experience of being truly in the moment.

07 Nov 2021 - 10:01

CURRENTLY LISTENING 音楽 by Tokyo Jihen (2021)

音楽 by Tokyo Jihen

07 Nov 2021 - 08:50

Watching a music festival live stream online. I miss watching live music shows. :/

06 Nov 2021 - 21:13

Biases aside, one of my favorite K-pop-related interviews ever. No shame in calling myself a P1ECE.

06 Nov 2021 - 20:23

A friend gifted me this book for my birthday hihi there are (in K-pop terms) PULLS to be revealedddddd

03 Nov 2021 - 05:46

Another piece of work from Jono Brandel’s brain: Curaturae

02 Nov 2021 - 20:25

Oh dear, this line.

Squid Game screenshot

02 Nov 2021 - 19:17

How I Experience Web Today dot com

02 Nov 2021 - 18:08

This space needs this swimmer beaver gif.

Swimmer beaver GIF

01 Nov 2021 - 18:53

Spotted on Instagram, supposedly a St. Augustine quote: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

01 Nov 2021 - 14:18

I am reading books again!

01 Nov 2021 - 11:12


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