One thing that makes me happy of late: POPTOTS - Pockets Of Perch Trees Over The Sidewalks :))


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Singapore has me taking in my week’s worth of carbs intake in 2 days. Deep down, not complaining 😅 Gimme all the rice

What is amber in perfume

Contrary to popular belief, amber is a ‘fantasy’ perfumery note. It consists of a soiree of ingredients (natural and synthetic) such as vanilla, patchouli, labdanum, styrax, benzoin and a few more.

Independent = wherein I emphasize ‘inde’to sound like ‘hindi’, which means ‘not’ in Filipino blah blah

Liu Kuo-sung: Experimentation as Method

Bookmarking to remember this show I saw 1 year ago

CURRENTLY LISTENING Musical obsessions of late:

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Considering the times, the term ‘war room’ in corporate jargon is very triggering 😂😂😂😂

Luis Mendo • Lunch on the High Line

Never related so much to a drawing. Can't wait to literally get my hands on this.

The irony of the quiet life posted online is that people have to know about it and that it has to be validated as truly quiet

"Keep us from doing things just to be seen..." - documenting a powerful line I heard from someone's prayer

Oooof. Joshua Becker: 20 New Ways to Measure Success

Two 'pieces' of quality media (stories!) that have me floored:

Will have these on my mind for the coming weeks for sure. Requires a rewatch!

[[Official MV] 스텔라장(Stella Jang) - I CAN DO THIS EVERY DAY

Another Stella Jang song that's just TOO RELATABLE to me. Almost a life anthem focusing on the mundane. Like a seemingly jolly song but always in the context of...self-renewal?

Would say life is mostly about hoping your subconscious does not antagonize anyone once you encounter any form of conflict

My YouTube home has 60% reaction videos on the Watcher TV fiasco of late ha ha has become my bestfriend at the moment

“Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

As I write this, I feel a slight relief from the facial itch (understatement of the season) I’ve been battling with, on and off, for the past few weeks (almost a month now, afaik). There are a number of possible causes that have led to this situation that I can’t quite pinpoint. Usually a skin itch for most people is just that—a skin itch. Scratch it, apply a balm, and you should be fine. But an itch that takes over to the point that the only thing that will ‘relieve’ you is using your newly clipped nails to scratch off a layer (quite literally) of your skin is something else. Your face will remain to be the canvas of fresh, lightly bleeding cuts and washing your face can be both a coolant from the summer heat and like salt to wound. Nothing seems to be the solution, and everything is the enemy. #eczema

What it means to be on leave as an adult: time to cook lunch, file taxes, while your a new favorite Korean reality show (Unexpected Business in California) plays in the background


A screenshot from Notion saying: 'Tokyo, January 2024 January 15, 2024 5:51 PM - looking out the airplane window, a mix of clouds can be seen —sloping like glaciers or lumpy like ice in my freezer'

Someone's singing again. That's a good sign

Today in Lessons in Moving: there are many things that actually serve us now that will likely not be useful in the long-term, contrary to what we may think. A handy way to determine if an item is worth keeping is to think about whether or not this item will likely be brought along with you in a move. If not, chuck it now (but mindfully!). This helps avoid accumulating things that don't actually serve us. Nuninoooo

EDM is not work music for me. I can't be writing/typing/moving my mouse around with my shoulders popping yo

Tbh this is me just wanting to get by

The Sing Team - Oh! Great Is Our God! (Live)

Not sure what it is about this genre of Christian music that seems extra...comforting. Chamber/folk x hymnal-type lyrics! I badly wanted to share the version with the album art because it's quite charmingly hip for its time (early 2010's), especially with the use of Futura Black 🤭

I guess 'one day at a time' simply means just looking at what's in front of you now and dealing with it :)))))))))

Tomorrow hasn't come! Just be here and now, ok!!!111

Will miss the birds chirpinggggg

It's pretty cool that I found a slice of YouTube that I like--vlogs that are just naturally quiet and informative, without all the jump cuts with matching mouse click/slide change sound effects and are not quiet for aesthetic purposes. And because of this, my Youtube homepage has random day-in-a-life vlogs. I guess the algorithm isn't that smart yet? Hmmm hehe

"Ain't an itch if you don't scratch"

Last night I discovered that my new favorite song (from 2021 which I only found yesterday) was a collaboration between 2 of my favorite musicians. Found out only when I checked the credits. Funny how these things because some sort of validation on your preferences

The wall of letters is now empty and clean. The sentimental in me is making a big deal out of this he he

NOTE TO SELF Thoughts on moving and settling: prioritize functional things and never throw a thing that serves 'because it's ugly' (and 'ugly' is relative, so take what you can out of that, self, because you know what that means 😅😅😅😅)

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What a disservice to life when all we want out of it is good-looking photographs--a subconscious motivator to stage everything instead letting things be

Always an interesting dynamic shift when friends turn into family and family members turn into friends (both meant in the best way possible)


Dumping current things, mostly random

Sometimes part of being a mature adult is letting go of your Wordle streak

In other news: I forgot to renew A moment of silence for the loss of a good domain name.

Tbh, I find 'give help' awkward anyway, so maybe subconsciously I wasn't 100% about keeping it. Hmmmm

Tried bulletproof coffee and I get the hype now. Pretty amazed at how the coffee bean's natural flavors are even more pronounced, as if underscored by the added fat. Hmmmmmmm

Trying to mentally transport myself back to Asakusa (thanks to some random YouTube vlogs that make it to my feed) and I realized that despite it being touristy, it's nothing close to the more central Tokyo areas. I love how...quietly energetic it is. A lot of activity, but nothing chaotic. You can stay calm and relaxed and still be in the midst of all the things happening around you without being overwhelmed. 10/10 would go back.

A friend's partner recently passed away and I feel incredible heartbreak going through video clips of her partner from her POV through the years, posted as Instagram stories. It was the only succession of posts that I seriously paid attention to upon logging in. Immediately after the last clip, I was hit by an ad.

And that is why being on Instagram confuses me. I actually hate it. Maybe that's why I get tired by the internet? There are many things that I end up doing on it that I subconsciously get confused by, so I always feel this internal tug of war, hence the exhaustion ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In the process of researching on the furniture-free movement, I get results on getting free furniture 😅 teehee

While tetris-ing through my fridge, I broke a full glass of iced coffee that spilt (in a splat, because I like a subtle tongue twister) all over the floor, with shards of glass to boot. Not sure why I feel like delaying the cleanup, but maybe it's the lingering smell of sweet coffee in the air? At this point I only fear the possibility of ants marching and congregating over the floor and over my sticky feet.

That is all. Happy Sunday, I guess.

Conan O'Brien Must Go | Official Trailer | Max

Seeing this is the highlight of my week jk


Jacob Collier, Lizzy McAlpine & John Mayer - Never Gonna Be Alone (Live At The Troubadour)

Watching this from a small screen from home, this is a balm. But I would've been rioting/in panic if I actually saw this live. :))))) What a stage.

Shakatak With Al Jarreau - Day By Day (November 1985)

We interviewed the Mozart of Gen Z - Jacob Collier | Colin and Samir

Not done listening to this episode yet, but what a great framing on how participating can ease into actually contributing (starts around 10:50 on their rehearsal for the Joni Mitchell Grammy performance)

Derek Sivers: I'm a very slow thinker

This level of quiet (I only hear birds chirping and light city white noise) is making me extremely overjoyed

"Discipline is not a lack of freedom, it is a harmonious relationship with time."

Artificial Deadlines Vs Real Deadlines

He he

Randomly talked about Past Lives the movie with a coworker and the feelings we get about the ending are drastically different. Quite amazed at how the readings can really be different for such a pretty straightforward film. Which is why it's such a great film imho

The current contents of my fridge (which I thought I should document, #no1curr):

ok bye

Found Tatsuro Kiuchi's work again and what calm I get in just seeing his paintings

I REMEMBER hearing a little girl ask "Dad, what's Tinder?" as they walked past me at the mall

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When the day is pretty steady then... a skin allergy ruins everything. Finding it amazing how music x dance can serve as an antidote. Super grateful to a house music playlist shared by a coworker (aka new friend). What a mood booster nuninoo

Giving into envy c/o someone else's social media post by (for example) purchasing the same thing (in extreme cases, pursuing the same life HAH) is proof that social media is effective in selling stuff (no duh)

Streets away from where I live is a block lined with high-rise buildings, leading up to the central business district. Their windows are reflective of the sun, and they have a beautiful orange-pink gradient when the sun sets. At night, they have lights that form their outline--some in blue, others in white. At the foreground right before them are some trees and low-rise homes with roofs of different colors. The mix of the residential and the commercial in one frame can be quite a sight to see :)

This is me basically saying I like the view from my window he he

Oddly obsessed with a pack of sencha I bought from a random shop I found at Ameyoko Market. There is truth to what they say about steeping multiple times and how the sweetness of the tea really does come through in different ways. Also, I don't have a proper tea pot but I've been using my matcha chasen as a tea steeper (and use the sieve to filter the leaves) and it works fine.

And that's the tea for today (badum-tsssss)

Today's a holiday. Woke up earlier than expected and spent the morning... sulking. The default way to explain this state is to look at my period tracker and blame it on hormones. Which makes sense, but sometimes you just want to blame yourself, to know that you can still steer the mood to a different direction.

It's always tricky to think about how ones physiology and mental state work together, even if the end result feels like a mush that's just difficult to dissect.

Reunited Korean Family's Touching Farewell in Philippine Province | Mother's Last Baon for Her Son

Willing and open to develop a parasocial relationship with this family :)) I'll be an adopted daughter he he

I am overwhelmed by the stuff I want to read, so I will place here my initial list I seriously hope to finish by Q1:

C'mon, Claaaaauuddddd

Does context mean a lot to other people? Makes me ask because I realize that I give so much value to context, that many things are not to be taken at face value. But that's probably (the blessing and) the curse of having been an overthinker for many, many years.

"You think I'd pay this much for my flat to be outside all the time??" HAHA

Things that make you a better employee #143: Conduct meetings that (at the very least) don't make people feel worse about themselves

Having existential thoughts about the purpose of auto-replies. Tbh, I don't think they're an efficient use of energy. Same thoughts on automatic flushes ha ha ha

Realized how I am very much Sumikko Gurashi

"They might be able to settle down when they’re in the corners but they don’t like being in the center of the room. When they’re taken to the center of the room, they always rush back to the corner." :))))))

Today in work music: [JAPAN TOKYO ASMR] 1 HOUR COMPLETE Yamanote Line 山手線 Train Ride - CAB VIEW 前面展望 (although the Ginza line will remain a personal favorite)

Probably one of the funniest things, if taken out of context: this morning, the attending sonologist told me ‘Oh your ovaries… [are] beautiful.’ 😂

TODAY I LEARNED 'curbside' is alternately spelled as 'kerbside' (which feels like a word I'd take less seriously)

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The hallway outside my door smells like a Family Mart in Tokyo

Yes, I am also horrified by Fielder's The Curse

Something about the cold that changes the smell of the air. I love it~

I made good matcha today

Stepping back to reality = a way to distance myself from the...regret (which makes me inspect why I feel regretful at all)

The echo a chance encounter leaves

Can’t believe I almost missed my flight today but I am now home. I AM HOME

Today was a good day. :)

Not sure what triggered the algorithm to display a new theme but my Pinterest feed now has a lot of wedding pictorial images. Might be going crazy hmph

In knowing a name, you're knowing a person, or at least taking the step towards that. Go take two steps more. (Thanks for the lesson, Carol & the End of the World)

I REMEMBER Sitting in front of my work desk, hearing the chunky clicks of my keyboard as birds chirp along with the swiping of the neighbor's broom against the concrete.

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Forever grateful for as a service. My life is completely intertwined with music and the data that's tracked to form my listening history speak of so much and help me with remembering moments, and I'm glad I kept this account up for more than 10 years now.

They did a pretty nice job with their Playback microsite this year. This is what they generated for a snapshot of my 2023.

Bookmarking Carol & the End of the World episode 4 /hug

Johnny Kyunghwo: Whats its been like raising a rescue kitten

Oh no

Brain is too tired seeing everything, i.e. 1-second edits everywhere ~

FYI: Beef, the Netflix x A24 show, was released this year :)))))

Loyle Carner – Not Waving, But Drowning Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Loyle Carner features a Stevie Smith soundclip on her poem 'Not Waving, But Drowning' in one track in the album with the same title

CURRENTLY LISTENING Not Waving, But Drowning by Loyle Carner (2019)

The way this album makes me tear up, triggers goosebumps with his mum's track ('Dear Ben').

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Not sure why but it feels like going through a time warp (time leap?) of sorts when I pause and think about where I was 24 hours ago and place myself at that very moment and immediately switch back to current state.

Like right now, I am at my desk, working on stuff, and realized that 24 hours ago, I was in an ice skating rink, zipping through with my tense legs. Recalling sensations from the day before and switching immediately back to a reality that's starkly different feels really odd but satisfying. I think this is best illustrated by travel--when you were in a different country the day before and mentally hop back to your now.

Which makes me think of how these mental switches can be truly powerful, and how memory plays a huge role in that. And the scary truth is memory can be one's reality, no matter the inaccuracies.

Robin Sloan: Stock and flow


Dizzy Gillespie in Stevie Wonder's 'Do I Do' is chef's kissss

Imho, people should listen to albums in full more~

13-Year Journey to Create the World's Best ProductㅣFigma, Yuhki Yamashita

Listening to this guy talk about his work and his career makes me want to work with him. Pretty cool to be a person like that.

Not sure why I allow melodrama more in J-dorama than in K-dramas.

In related news: Why Didn’t I Tell You a Million Times? was absolutely worth the binge, despite the odd pacing and the last episode that should’ve really been an epilogue. Stellar cast!

Hoping the best work I put out in this lifetime is not a social media post

Hoping for the day when Instagrram's Threads app would allow me to only see the people I follow. The feed/home screen is an absolute mess that triggers unnecessary stress (design news then content on domestic issues/infidelity the next aka stuff I didn't sign up for).

I position specific apps to deliver specific functions (ie specific types of content), so why let me follow accounts whose posts will not be primarily visible to me anyway.

TIL that George Winston released a full Vince Guaraldi piano covers album in 2010. Proof that most of the time, my faves do overlap, and not just in music.

Bjork's 'Hyperballad' always makes me cry internally

2024 goal: To be better at saying (thinking!) things, especially things related to how music makes me feel.

Tried looking for clips of the 'Are We Live' (Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch, Barney Artist, Alfas Mist) podcast on YouTube. Search returned the podcast channel as first on the list, the rest of the videos were on 'living in a simulation' HAHAHA

Is that related to my profile specifically tho? 🤔

CURRENTLY LISTENING Winter Into Spring by George Winston (1982)

Found this while digging through a record store’s on sale stash. What a great find. Also can’t believe we lost Mr. Winston this year.

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Was researching on a song that I just realized might be one of my absolute favorites, and found this link: The stage: a song, a studio, the place where Gilberto becomes Gil

And yes, said song is Gilberto Gil's 'Palco', which is highlighted in that Google feature

Defying the format of this space, but...

Tomorrow is the first day of December, the last month of the year.

Considering my offline methods (CD, vinyl) of listening to music, the year-end lists generated by streaming platforms would likely only speak of:

  1. Newly-released music I have found to like

  2. Single tracks that I like to put on loop

  3. Music I listen to at work (as I don't have access to the formats mentioned above)

  4. Music I listen to to specifically focus on a task (likely related to item #2)

  5. Friend recommendations

  6. (What else?)

Likely to only show a snapshot of my listening habits! So now I want to reposition Kindred into something that would give that clearer picture, for my own personal year-end evaluation. While digital analytics are great for capturing behavior, as they operate passively in the background, they can only say so much. (I remember how a mom friend found it odd that she had Mandy Moore as a top artist for theyear, then later on realized that the Tangled movie soundtrack was on loop for most of the year, c/o her daughter.

Automatically generated lists will never be fully accurate, but can be helpful in recalling things, especially valuable when they're tied to a time period. But they shouldn't be absolute things that deliver a statement on taste. Which is why it still is helpful to declare these things, if we're talking about preference. (But who has time to make these 'statements'? Clearly, a loser like myself! Jk jk)

There's more to be said! (As I almost always close these posts with haha)

Doing laundry (handwashing!) is hard; can’t imagine doing laundry for a whole household

Watched episodes 1 to 5 of The Morning Show season 1, hoping it would be as fun a watch as HBO's The Newsroom. But no

End of day accounting is basically a brain exercise in having to recall specifics of the day’s events

I mistakenly thought that Bob Boilen's retirement would mean the end of the Tiny Desk Concerts series, but apparently there's already a licensing (?) thing already in place for other production groups to take the TDC name. Korea has it's own adaptation of it now, called Tiny Desk Korea.

IDK maaaaan, but I feel like the point of the original TDC series (thankfully still running in the US) is the fact that you get to perform at the actual (though evolved) tiny desk area. And now it's becoming more of... an aesthetic + an acoustic/stripped down setup, which I feel like the TDC At Home versions done during the pandemic (mostly from Korea, tbh) are proof of. :/ Some did it well, though, when they staged their own TDC setup in their own work desks at home, i.e. home studios, which I think is the true point of TDC anyway: work within constraints and still pull-off a great show. It's not just an opportunity to perform in a new set, designed with a specific look.

TMI, but essential: When you realize that the body can essentially be operated like a lever when uhh pooping, the process can really go smoothly~

Conan lays out what his brilliance is all about: 'this strange, phantom intersection between smart and stupid'

Conan Joins a Southern Baptist Choir | Conan on TBS

Conan is THE BEST. That 'C nan' bit made me cry HAHA

The underrated brilliance of Jordan Schlansky

is down the Conan x Jordan Schlansky rabbithole

FOLLOWING Again with having a crush on someone's life - accidentally found a reel by this guy while checking my messages on Instagram: @thrdfloor. Simply amazed by the creativity in the actual work, the presentation, the storytelling (he has a series on gifting the wares he's made to friends). Top. Notch.

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DONE READING The Demo Versions by Aldus Santos(2022)

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CURRENTLY LISTENING Wherever I Go by Jacob Collier feat. Lawrence, Michael McDonald (2023)

Absolutely obsessed with this collaboration!!!!111

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DONE READING Like Lines on a Map by Isa Garcia (2018)

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This year in female musicians I fell for: Meernaa, Sarah Kinsley, Lindsey Lomis

Please introduce me to more, 2023!!

It's kind of interesting to take a look at people and things and see if there's stuff we might not like. When we put on our critic hat (not literally, unless we're actual critics), we often start thinking about what we'd rather not have for ourselves. At that point, the focus shifts from the thing itself to how it measures up against our own standards.

On the flip side, admiration can sometimes turn into envy.

At the end of the day, I'd rather keep things positive and look for reasons to appreciate rather than criticize.

Design books for non-designers, recommended by the Stripe Design Team

Hashtag: Inspiration, Why is this pretty, List design etc etc

Look who started another thing:

Bombay Bicycle Club - Tekken 2 (feat.Chaka Khan) has to be one of my favorite things of the year

I know I am enjoying a season when it becomes frequent that I don't have a dairy alternative for my coffee, basically throwing caution to the wind

And then there's eczema shortly after :))))

Ah, self-awareness. What a superpower~

New favorite YouTube channel: @NotJustBikes:

"Stories of great urban planning and urban experiences from the Netherlands and beyond. There are a lot of reasons why Dutch cities are so great; it's not just bikes."

Re: this YouTube vlog

This YouTube short from the same vlogger is proof that quality, low-key (anything that doesn't claim anything major) content can trigger quality responses as seen in the comments

@JohnnyKyunghwo: Mid 20s living in the Korean countryside

Is it possible to have a crush on someone's life? 🤔

A thought from the breakfast buffet: 'Assorted Jams' sounds like a good band name

To know you have enough and be satisfied

Today (YAY!) in Quantum Foam Sounds: Junichi Kamiyama (神山 純一) - Sound Aromatherapy: Water Melody, 2008

🎉 Happy birthday, Claud! It has already been a year, eh?! Cheers to many more to come, and wishing you the very best, always!

David! Grateful to the Thoughts webring, as I now call you my friend. Thank you, as always. :)

Biases aside, 10/24 is a pretty-looking date

Today was a great day :)

Booked my first Focusmates session, had me focusing on my course readings for 50 minutes, in complete silence. Pretty surreal! I have thoughts~

Still good to think back on: graceful degradation v progressive enhancement

The number of artist changes I make in my playlist for the work day is indicative of how unwieldy my brain is

Re: font changes and indecision

Monospaced this time, c/o IBM Plex Sans

“Being is replaced with having, and having is replaced with merely appearing.”

“The Unexpectedly Tropical History of Brutalism” by Michael Snyder via The New York Times Style Magazine

Little Dragon and Benny Sings deserve more of my earssss

“This idea—that we can safely expect to insulate ourselves from responses to our posts, even on close friends, a feature that was designed for sharing only with people you presumably trust and feel comfortable with—is indicative of how rapidly the social media environment has changed in the just three years. We’re all just throwing up billboards now. Unless we’re the ones passively viewing the billboards. In other words, lurkers...

“As more people have been confronted with the consequences of constant sharing, social media has become less social and more media—a constellation of entertainment platforms where users consume content but rarely, if ever, create their own,” a recent Insider piece explains. “Influencers, marketers, average users, and even social-media executives agree: Social media, as we once knew it, is dead.””

via Embedded on Substack: ‘We're all lurkers now‘ by Kate Lindsay


This reminds me of the day I decided to make a separate Instagram account just for my friends and family. I wanted to see their posts without all the noise from celebrity accounts, brands, and people I barely know from my past. Honestly, they're not a part of my everyday life unless I make an effort to connect with them, which I'll do when the time is right.

I'm not saying this is a perfect fix, but it's made my use of the platform feel more focused. In relation to what Kate Lindsay shared, I would consider this a compromise I took--proactive viewing vs merely lurking. While I know I could engage in more personal conversation with friends, I know that they don't always have the bandwidth to share individual updates to people in their circle, which is why I still choose to view their posts on Instagram. Now I've noticed that my comments and emoji reactions (as in the emoji interaction) mean more, and it's like a conscious choice to tune into these 'online channels'. Because that's what Instagram accounts have become--they're like personal media platforms, almost like pay-per-view. What a horrible analogy, but one that makes sense to me. 😅

“It’s a rather simple question that quickly gets to the core of someone’s sense of well-being and legitimacy: did your childhood leave you feeling that you were – on balance – OK as you were? Or did you somewhere along the way derive an impression that you needed to be extraordinary in order to deserve a place on the earth? And, to raise an associated question: are you therefore now relaxed about your status in life? Or have you become either a manic overachiever or filled with shame at your so-called mediocrity?”- This is especially real for those raised with the pressure (mostly realized as an adult) to do well in school as a child.

‘Why You Don't Need to Be Exceptional’ by The School of Life

This plan of trashing this space has failed (I completely understand why Comic Sans isn't a standard system font available on all devices, but I actually hoped it is~) and now we resort to Libre Franklin.

I have also removed timestamps, inspired by other Thoughts pages. Ladidahhhhh

My thoughts do not deserve to be rendered in such a classy serif typeface, so I have converted all fonts into Comic Sans MS. If you see my stinky posts look pretentiously classy via your browser, please do know that it is a bug and must be reported!!!!

If you are a friend, you know how to reach me, ok!

I love companies like Smile Plastics. How inspiring. Love this NTS video series, too.

So much (unnecessary??) emotional turbulence this year

I mostly saw The Crowded Room on a trial subscription on Apple TV on my Mac and the app operates differently than how it is on the iPad. For a moment I was grateful for how the app worked on desktop:

I know this feels very counterintuitive to how streaming services 'should be' (this is the future of TV!!!!11), but in a way, it felt nice for me to still get a feel of how regular TV works. I guess this isn't really about giving up control, but just not letting things be there in an instant, like how an ad lets me take a small breather, or no autoplaying allows me a few seconds of deciding whether or not I should keep watching.

I'm just glad to still encounter a (version of a) digital service that lets me breathe and rest a little, that lets me decide on what to do next vs letting me mindlessly succumb to what it wants me to do~

Everytime I binge watch a TV show, I die a little.

TV show in question is Apple TV's The Crowded Room. In awe of the acting; the story, not so much~

DONE READING The Practice of Not Thinking by Ryunosuke Koike (2021)

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Generally skeptical now of reaction videos on YouTube

Wordle 837 4/6





Still amazed at my Wordle uhhh performance 😅

A conversation I heard from Superstore that stuck (which I couldn't find quoted online, even on IMDB, which is disappointing):

"But all they're doing is taking selfies and congratulating themselves!"

"That's what Instagram is for!"

Ah, how accurate.

Unintentionally binged the sitcom Superstore and got to the finale just now. Realized how I would want to be an Amy but I really am a Jonah. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

A part of this solo living life that doesn't make sense to me is the amount of drinkware I use in a day (current count: 4 and 3 of them contain water). Hmmm

Today's Wordle (#833) made me scratch my head

Wordle 828 3/6




My Wordle streak blows my mind tbh. Today's word was v random, and yet~

"Accepting that you don't have time to do most things will help you be more relaxed right now." - Paraphrased Oliver Burkeman c/o Cal Newport

Sorry not sorry for the brag, but I really am getting good at Wordle. Here's to hoping I don't jinx it. 😅.

NOTE TO SELF Always do well, always give back~

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Warabi mochi must be one of my favorite desserts in the world, said by a non-mochi fan

I want to understand this trend of repeating 'dollah billz' in songs today. Is it a way for people to 'manifest'?

Pretty cool to know that the younger artists I admire liking the old school stuff I like whenever they declare their preferences in interviews. Basically validation for why I like them.

True, not true: Vietnamese coffee makes me delirious 😅

Today: Extremely unproductive, extremely emotionally stimulated. There are days like this, and they're not cool

Calm as the baseline but should be able to weather any storm. Fire fighting shouldn't be a regular thing

CURRENTLY LISTENING Sarah Kinsley!!!!! (Why am I late to the power women partyyyyy?? + see item #1 in this list)

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A random list of good music for the week:

TODAY I LEARNED Padang cuisine > Hidang style - Today, I finally made sense out of an experience I had in Jakarta, eating at some random corner shop. Thanks, Wikipedia

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To build this home into a studio--essentially a space to play and create. Because creating spaces that center play automatically makes room for rest spots, imho

Incredibly disappointed by these minimal-looking Logi mice :/ They might've been inspired by the flaws of the Apple Magic Mouse lkaturusl;aksl;as;kl

Multifunctional furniture - my source of joy

"Clarity is kindness"

"For the content" is a phrase that makes me sad hahaha

Lesson learned: Calm down and do your due diligence. Always think twice hahaha ha ha ha

True success in 2023: Spending 3 hours waiting at the doctor's clinic and having a book you started reading when you arrived and finishing half of it by the end of the visit.

"Stack Your Music" CD case

Ah, in love (?? whew) with this piece of 3D-printed plastic but if I were to redesign this, I'd place the CD case with spine up so you can view the titles from top view. But then again maybe this case tries to mimic the crate-like experience of digging. 🤔

NOTE TO SELF A reminder: The process of documenting or tracking is done alongside or after the activity is accomplished. Activity first, documentation after. To have tracking or documentation as a motivation to accomplish a task is... not sound logic.

Keep the integrity of the task, self.

Dr. Geoff Lindsey: Vocal Fry: what it is, who does it, and why people hate it! - an equally informative and humorous video~

Kindred Records - a fantasy record shop, an exercise in archiving and writing notes (WIP!)

Kung tutuusin, kaya tayo may lakas loob na sabihing gusto natin ang mga gusto natin dahil alam nating mayroon tayong mga mapagpipilian~

Randomly had an epiphany of sorts on how to describe myself in a few words, oddly enough they're "low maintenance but discerning". I find this funny but also accurate in a way that easy for me to embrace because I don't think there's any other way to describe me :))

Bought a cheap emergency keyboard that conked out for some reason (only the numbers 5 & 6 work), which makes it only 1 year old. Now purchased a second-hand, lightly used mech keeb and now I am just like everyone else, woooot

Seems like a lot of the musicians I've been listening to closely lately happen to be British

FOLLOWING Quantum Foam Sounds

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A public life is a performed life

Today in most amazing discoveries: butter coconut cookies x tomato soup

Will start a fight if I see another SHEIN ad on Youtube

I get the La Union hype now. Hashtag: a convert

DONE READING A Simpler Life by The School of Life

Listens to new Nick Drake tribute compilation album because of this gloomy weather and halfway through switches to Bryter Layter instead. #no1curr

CURRENTLY LISTENING Sixteen Oceans by Four Tet (2020)

Catching up on an old favorite! K-pop releases of late (ie New Jeans' 'Super Shy') made me think of my EDM favorites and had to check what Four Tet's been up to recently.

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Tried out Meta's Threads out of curiosity and the Fediverse sell, but upon logging in, I see a feed of accounts of people I don't know aka totally irrelevant. Not a good way to draw me in, eh?

I love it when event hairstyling does not involve hairspray or gel he he

Korea Times: Cleaning up after 'godoksa', lonely deaths in Korea

I'm absolutely floored.

Found Figma's Chief Product Officer's page on Figma and I realized that maybe dropping your Figma profile URL might become a thing in the future for designers/product people? Hmmm

Didn't think I'd spend my Saturday morning catching up on #Config2023 but I am doing just that, and this is life~

Bruno Major's 2023 releases remind me of how Sondre Lerche's sound shifted at some point. Interesting turnnnnn

Listened to a Bon Appetit podcast episode that was a live recording which included Padma Lakshmi, hosted by Chris Morocco. A memorable statement was shared by guest Marcus Samuelsson on feeding kids, summary mine:

  1. Establish what available food there is, if kids choose not to eat what's on the table on that specific occasion, then let them know that they can only workaround that lack.

  2. Have them eat what you'll eat -- this isn't a literal thing but basically if you have bad food habits, then your kids will do, too.

  3. ^ These will help them cultivate their relationship with food growing up (I know for sure because I've seen friends who do not eat vegetables even as adults and find it hard to start now because they were only given food they wanted to eat as children, aka junk)

  4. Food can be weaponized by those who are being fed, which means (as children) choosing not to eat or choosing what to eat can be used as an opportunity to negotiate other decisions beyond the dining table. Teaching a child how to eat properly and how to see food can inform how they live at home (takeaway mine)

Hmmm 🤔

"What one would hope is that pieces of software make each person that encounters that software more of a person." - Christopher Alexander

Revisiting this. Ahhhh.

Google Graveyard


IKEA snacks are underrated

I realized I had some level of comfort with the state of my skin, to which my dermatologist said 'No, you are swollen' ie 'you don't look good'.

We can now say that my self-esteem is informed by my doctor's POV ha ha ha ha :))) jks

I thought about reading more books on deep generalists as I've always struggled with skillset considering I don't really specialize in...anything. But I wonder if seeking this type of material will basically make my view narrow because of confirmation bias. Hmm.

Caught my brain saying 'I want to punch Facebook in the face', how violent

Might be the only person (or one of the few) who get bothered watching Youtube channels with parent-child hosts where the child is clearly seen doing things they aren't exactly fond of or are almost forcefully asked to do. Can be charming at times but I have a hard time fully enjoying them :(

Worried about one of my favorite platforms not having social media updates since late 2022, with major bugs all over, plus their tech guys not replying to messages anymore -- basically signs of a tech startup struggling, imo. Already heartbroken.

Why do uhh antiestablishment digital platforms have to suffer!!!

Polyphonic: A Brief History of the Concept Album

How we built the Figma design team

Today in thoughts that stump me: how to revisit waste segregation + recycling

Yes, yes yes yes yes: Lab Muffin Beauty Science: Scientists Debunk: "Sustainable" Myths Everyone Believes

Bookmarking for when I return: the Noma team's guide to Kyoto

NPR Tiny Desk: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Maybe one of these days I can go see UMO perform live~

I've always known that I'm a bad (or subpar at best) gift-giver because of how I didn't have resources growing up to really choose 'the best' for people.

Not sure if the lockdown + lack of social interaction with friends has led me to be more mindful/thoughtful about gifts, but a few friends have pointed out that they've truly appreciated the gifts I've given them. And that deserves a self pat on the back.

Yay, improvements!

DONE READING What Kids Should Know About Filipino Architecture by Edsel G. Cabalfin, Asa A. Montenejo (2015)

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Signs of aging: Power naps used to be 20-minutes long, now they have to hit the 1 hour mark :/

Is it me, or is it a post-covid thing?

I miss this era of SNL so much

Always a good sign when you know you're not fully excited about life in general and yet still get to dance when a good song plays :))))))))))

Tech Independence c/o Derek Sivers

CURRENTLY LISTENING A summary of things I stuffed my ears with this week, post-COVID*

  1. John Coltrane's A Love Supreme - this was a reorientation on the basics

  2. EXO's 'Growl' on repeat - I missed this!

  3. Singaporean band Sobs - thanks to a random commentary video on a Singtel brand partnership stunt they pulled and for some reason got flack? This bad publicity led me to a nice discovery!

  4. Michael Jackson's 'Rock with You' on loop - as a morning wake-up song

  5. Hall and Oates - thanks to Simply Red's 'Sunrise' which sampled 'I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)'

*I say 'post-COVID' because it seems like during the days I was 'out', I didn't (couldn't?) really listen to music, for some reason

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Vince Guaraldi's music = a balm

Hall and Oates early in the morning = ☕

Losing my sense of taste makes me want to order takeout curry, kimchi rice, and maybe a bag of Doritos

Today in: accomplishing things while in isolation for covid

"Go to the Jim"

Annoyed by Restaurant Playlists, a Master Musician Made His Own

No one like Ryuichi Sakamoto, really.

It would be interesting to research on the role of food in Korean television, specifically in variety shows, as it's usually used as a reward for games. A significant amount of time is given to showing the celebrity competitors eating the food, as if a version of the mukbang famous on YouTube now. I don't think I've seen a culture showcase their food in this manner. They also exclusively show (almost always!) local food, and there's a shared appreciation (vs in other cultures where people would likely be split in terms of taste). Hmmm.

TODAY I LEARNED So proud that I was able to password protect files via Terminal ha ha

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Some moments are just for keysmashing

Drank maybe 1 shot extra of espresso (thinking I could already handle it as a ~big girl), and now monitoring my heart rate like a crazy lady. This just had to be said here, even if nothing much is expected in return :))))))) Ok that is all~

Revisting the Eisenhower matrix

“I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.” — Eisenhower

"You don't have to explain yourself": Steven Yeun on the freedom of filming Burning in Korea

"Stop helping people who don’t want to help themselves." Hmmmmm

To watch later: The Pursuit of Wonder: The Terrible Paradox of Self-Awareness | Fernando Pessoa

Some days are for thinking about everything and nothing 😅😅😅

Attempting to revive something I used to do when I was younger: take in input (Media! Food! Etc!) and process anything that was truly noteworthy. I called the series 'The Week's Catch', and will still call it the same.

"May his memory be a blessing"

Moonbin was not my immediate favorite (in K-pop terms: 'bias') when I got into Astro, but I easily gravitated towards him, as he feels absolutely gentle and low-key as a person, but has explosive stage presence when performing. I remember being enamored when I saw him act in a comedy sketch TV show (ala SNL), thinking how could he be so funny when he was almost not doing anything on-screen. I would LOL at how strange his character was, and thought that no one else could pull off the role except Moonbin. I personally believe that to be memorable, one need not be a loud presence, Moonbin was definitely proof of that.

It feels odd to be incredibly attached to people you don't know personally, but make room for in your life. And now I find myself tearing up, reading Tamar Herman's tribute.

In it, she quotes something Moonbin said in a recent interview about their latest subunit album:

“I've always thought of a scent as a medium for memories, and we built this album's concept around scent, hoping our album to become a medium that takes listeners back to their memories. On top of that, now I want to add another meaning to the word “incense” - eternal. I think going back to the past and reminiscing can be done anytime, and any memory can be everlasting.”

The squeegee is my new bestfriend. Can't believe I've been putting off my purchase; I finally have crystal clear (well, almost) glass windows ha ha

Imho, a great mindset change is to choose to work with age rather than against it. The question is how!

FOLLOWING @maigomika

Love watching countryside living videos, especially those set in Japan. Mika moved from Canada to Shikoku Island with her partner, so it's interesting to see an outsider settling in a part of a country sans what most people think they need to live a full life.

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“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”


Everyone: shocked at Taylor Swift’s breakup

Me: shocked that she’s been in a six-year relationship at all

(wakes up at 2:30 AM with an existential crisis and thoughts on how some healthcare advice has been a recent letdown)

CURRENTLY LISTENING Elements of Nature by Felbm (2021)

^ a random Apple Music discovery that's exactly what I need to calm my nerves down after watching Beef on Netflix 😅

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HBO's Barry and A24's Beef -- great storytelling, absolutely emotionally draining for me. Definitely both shows worth the binge but I would need maybe 2 days for me to emotionally recover.

An old video I would repeatedly watch years ago; still makes me smile: Erlend Øye • Amsterdam Acoustics

DONE READING The Walking Man by Jiro Taniguchi

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I learned so much about space design from this: Tiny Houses, Cozy Homes - Many Levels of Light. Amazing work from Sakano Yoshinori!

'Another Mystery' by Raymond Carver

CURRENTLY LISTENING Goods of the week! Aka new releases~

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Tis official: Pilot Kakuno in M nib is my new favorite pen. Had this for years but only unlocking its tru potential~ now

Listening to Japanese Breakfast makes me want to learn the synths, I kid you notttt!

I REMEMBER The transition of loud music to the hum of a semi-broken electric fan

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Instagram Stories as a format is basically a slideshow of people's lives/events.


Re: Next In Fashion fangirling

That Next In Fashion Season 1 finale with Minju Kim's collection + showstoppper has to be one of my favorite television moments ever, in history.

Just found out this week that Netflix's Next In Fashion is back with a second season. Binged all the episodes which led me to rewatch Season 1 (definitely unmatched in quality of output and the batch of designers). This revived my admiration for designer Minju Kim, whose vision and spirit (not just as a creative but as a human being) are definitely inspiring. :)

FOLLOWING @tent1000

New discovery! I love Japanese industrial design studio TENT portfolio. Definitely producing mindful work that I would love to do myself.

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CURRENTLY LISTENING AM Waves by Young Gun Silver Fox (2018)

What a great album! Love it when new arrangements keep the spirit of the (pretty dated) genre that they draw inspiration from.

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DONE READING Four Episodes, Tokyo by Micaela Benedicto, Paolo Lim

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Spent the past 30 minutes writing reviews for my hotel bookings in the past week. I don't think that's enough to make me a feedback nerd

"consumerist self-care"

Was lost around the Kampong Gelam area exactly a week ago, looking for a church and was told off with a 'This is a building, no church lah!'. Good times.

A set of clothes hangers placed alongside each other, each holding a number of Good Morning brand towels--white towels with Chinese print in red and script that says Good Morning, in a backstreet in Jalan Besar district, Singapore

A clothes hanger number of Good Morning brand towels--white towels with Chinese print in red and script that says Good Morning, symmetrically placed, looking like a wide open flower, in a backstreet in Jalan Besar district, Singapore

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What makes a good day (a thought-in-progress):


Cried hard.

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A quality trip feels like pilates :)))) It's like having done so much in a day but heading home with a calm, relaxed energy. Not tired, if that makes sense.

And just like that, we’re close to the end of the first quarter of 2023! 😅

I REMEMBER Hotel guests, mostly racially ambiguous, eating their breakfast, sitting in silence

Still finding it surreal that 2020 is now 3 years ago


Gone back to my first ever travel destination as an independent adult after 10+ years and I realized how much of my memories were made whole because of smell!

Decided to remove my mask in outdoor areas with no crowds just to take everything in.

Sit with boredom

It's interesting how people use travel as an opportunity to reaffirm (or validate? parts of our) identity, and I feel that this is most true now because people are traveling again and they want to see if the way they saw the bigger world before the pandemic is still the same

*Still heartbroken for Chewbacca

(a repost with the necessary correction ha HA haha)

Still heart broken for Chewbacca

Re: job feelings and other things

Why I love working in banking, particularly the projects related to making process improvements, i.e. unsexy things!!!! - The solutions focus on facilitating IRL or 'offline processes' (in quotes because what does this even mean anymore), making sure the tools we make enhance life somehow. Nothing related to having to rob people of their attention from reality, nothing related to transitioning them to the virtual world and making them stay there. Etc, etc.

I'll probably write something about what I probably dislike about working in finance, but I have nothing in my mind just yet. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I make the weirdest decisions sometimes :/ 🎂

The Perks of Living without Social Media | Cal Newport

Nothing new about 'leaving social media' because a lot of people are talking about their own reasons, but Cal Newport is the guy who's always spoken about this from years ago, even before the perils of constant use have been made it to our mental foreground. While the rest of his main points have constantly been validated by different people, his point on 'lowering your sense of self-importance' needs emphasizing (see video at 8:48).

Trying to picture all of these Like counts and varied reactions as scorecards being held up by a panel whenever someone posts something is such a jarring image.

Ultimately while boundary setting is great and necessary, we can't always build walls around certain aspects of our life. So I guess thought management is the the most important skill we need to develop. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Spotting signs here and there of how much I love my job, but also seeing how much I hate making mistakes (to the point of punching my desk when I flub). I am still a work-in-progress~

Supernuclear: Rules vs Principles

This is the upside-down aka a Thoughts page for media input

[Insert rant here about the day's heavy start and a flubbed food order]

Re: mouse graveyard

TIL that computer mice are occasionally called mouses? 🤔

In other news, I think I have enough to create a mouse graveyard, and by that I mean a collection of broken computer mice.........

Some frustrating work-related things lead me to either space out or feel very, very heavy like something is pressed against the chest. But when I get past the moment and start to feel something else, out of personal decision to move on, I realize that it's amazing to still be able to switch and distinguish those feelings. It's a blessing to be able to say 'I felt really bad earlier but now I'm better'. Ah, the good and the bad, etc etc

I REMEMBER the smell of fabric softener and light smog in the air as I walked through our street heading home from church on a sunny Sunday afternoon

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I have noticed that the less I document stuff happening (ala social media user who'd shoot every single occurrence and post), the more I remember things. Hmmm 🤔

So maybe there is truth to that claim by Johnny Harris made years ago on 'How to Remember Your Life'

Man standing texting at a corner of a building entrance by the sidewalk with streaks of light highlighting his face

knocknock playbook by Shophouse & Co

Filed under: Stuff I wish I thought of :)))))

Everything is an ad

‘Love After Love’ by Derek Walcott

The time will come

when, with elation

you will greet yourself arriving

at your own door, in your own mirror

and each will smile at the other's welcome,

and say, sit here. Eat.

You will love again the stranger who was your self.

Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart

to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored

for another, who knows you by heart.

Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,

peel your own image from the mirror.

Sit. Feast on your life.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Epik High's Strawberry EP (2023) reminds me of Sleepless In ______ (2019), which I think is a good thing~

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Imho, a literal personal archive is private, not on social media 😅

Reading the Bible start to finish - Derek Sivers


Spaced out for a moment and all of a sudden, Cibo Matto’s ‘Mind Wall’ played in my head hmm

Another Never Too Small video that had me smiling from beginning to end

A thought after doing Pilates in an actual studio today for the first time: It shouldn't get any less challenging, but it should get more comfortable/more familiar

Hashtag oh wow wizdom wow

I don't think tending to plants will ever be an overrated source of peace and calm.

FOLLOWING @jrduennweller

Found him through the NYTimes illustration year-ender list! Love his style~

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The Year In Illustration: The most memorable New York Times illustrations of 2022


Shinee members on a boat looking out of the wilderness/sea, with small versions of them looking up to their human-sized versions

I forgot how much I love this album.

  1. 'Atlantis' sounds like a movie in song form.

  2. 'Heart Attack' is modern disco!

  3. 'Marry You' is just sweet-sexy, wispy in a R&B-pop kind of way~

...among other thoughts I have about this comeback. Teehee.

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“What is the measure of my days?”

Someone actually made a guide...? GQ: The Best Media Tote Bags, Ranked

"For people of a certain age demographic who happen to live in New York City, the media tote bag is something of a status symbol, sort of like a driving a Prius in Los Angeles or carrying a large baguette in Paris." 😅

Heard today: 'Instagram Reels are like a fart in the wind; you can't even search for them!'

NOTE TO SELF You are what you document

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TODAY I LEARNED The term 'content design' was first used by a lead writer in the UK GDS design team.

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I tried a thing:

You don't ask an alcoholic friend (who's trying to recover) out for a drink, ok!

"Where is Jesus?"

Considering to revise my self-introduction to 'a humble office worker', which is 100% true

This is the most successful I’ve ever been in my life with gifting. :)) Also lamps make the best gifts!!!!!!

Not sure if it’s just me but Proton Mail on mobile is such a delight to use. Love how they revisited the design of email client apps 🤔

Monsters University might just be one of my top favorite Pixar movies. Also, 🍵: Toy Story 4 was unnecessary.

^ random thoughts while washing the dishes after breakfast heh

CURRENTLY LISTENING Space 1.8 by Nala Sinephro (2021)

Painting of pink gradient circle with black head and a rainbow ring around it with a small human figure holding onto the ring. The text space 1.8 in thin script is written across the cover and the artist name NALA SINEPHRO in serif text

I post the huge album art because IT'S GORGEOUS WHO MADE THIS

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I have a running list of baby names in my head (even with the likelihood of me being a mom is low, afaik), which might be converted into pet names. I find that thought funny, though.

You know, you can enjoy something without (overtly) studying it.

While walking home, I suddenly had this thought in my head: "The quality of your plan of action depends on the reality you embrace."

Not sure from which self-help guru I picked that up from. Maybe from one of those weird video ads online?

Random thought: 'Open' refers to a current state, 'Closed' also refers to current state but past action. Hehe who cares

Today in thought stubs: Interesting conversations raised at work as the team explores different uses for ChatGPT. Makes me look at the work I do and its value; very existential shiz.

Ultimately in the whole AI discussion, weight is now given to the meaning or purpose of the process of creation. In most things we do, the ones that end up being most meaningful are things that change us. When this expectation is given to a process, then the task in itself is best given to a human to do. Is the process of turning off the lights transformative? Most of the time, it isn't. Etc, etc.

I remember a friend (who lives alone) shared that they tried to automate the process of watering and tending to their plants at home. A failure in plugging in values has led to the plants dying. I feel like that my friend has not taken advantage of what plants are for, in most cases. Taking time in caring for them is a HUGE aspect of plant care.

How much is lost (for you) when things are automated? This can be a truly personal topic because things that have meaning vary from person to person. For an artist, the process of creating means a lot, but for art marketplaces, only the output matters. Etc, etc.

Must've seen Knives Out at least 7 times...?

DONE READING Radically Content by Jamie Varon

He finally did it!

Me: shares lyrics of Joni Mitchell's 'Both Sides Now' to friend

Friend: It sounds like the theme of your thoughts.


Re: Quartet the drama #1673683570

38:00 of Episode 7 made me softly cryyyyyyyyy

Rewatching Quartet, the J-drama. The sort of breakup scene (how it seemed like a very level-headed conversation) reminded me of real life events, nothing overly dramatic. Which makes me think how great the show's writing truly is. This is rare for TV dramas, I am floored.

Discovered from the Thoughts webring today, and it's interesting to see how things are laid out sans date and time.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Analog Dance Music by Kommode (2017)

This album gives me joy~

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Was thinking about how a friend uses the word 'jump' differently when I found this link on my YouTube home: Jump while you can

"I do my best, I let go of the rest" (I think I heard this said by a monk from a video)

CURRENTLY LISTENING Fuubutsushi by Fuubutsushi (2020)

Sun about to rise and this is playing in low volume.

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Dear website, please allow me to drag your scrollbar. Some people have a weird mouse scroll wheel and do not have access to a trackpad.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Future Listening! by Towa Tei (1994)

Surprised at how timeless this album sounds~

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LIFE TOOLKIT A just-in-case thing, which sounds like great advice because it's not a Band-Aid solution but an approach to generally dealing with negative sensations that trigger worry: A Guided Walkthrough to Stop a Panic Attack


Starting a new post chain, just because!

Bookmarks for work from Smashing Magazine:

A great reminder for those who have decided to nerd the heck out of the simplest things: 'Note-taking isn't rocket science'

Today in negotiations: Finish what you need to finish (a side project) and then go buy the domain you've been eyeing ok!

Updated my /now page nuninoo

Would like to support publications that have done a move to digital but the rich media placements on their websites make things v hard to read :(

FOLLOWING Checked out the Thoughts webring after a while, and found a few new pages! Some of them quite resonate with me:

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Things that make me ok with living in a tiny studio apartment: Sunlight flushing through the whole spaceeeeeeee teeheeee

Do the work, speak of it later.

Bought grocery hydrangeas and forgot they need some special handling. Now I am a guardian over a droopy bouquet. Attempted this, though. Hoping it does something~

I hate waste so much. Getting frustrated with how waste is being managed in different places.

"Music with a message should be accessible"

Sick days -- when you're not fully bogged down but not healthy enough to be out and about. Quarantine makes for cozy moments at home. Tea (or coffee, if you're stubborn like me), fruits, great music. Ah.

A year later and this still stings. Ugh.

A post from 2007, in case you ever wondered what subpixel rendering is, among other things~

Joni Mitchell wrote one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Fight me.

2022: The year I ugly-cried before facilitating a workshop (snot under my mask, foggy and stained eyeglasses) because I'm a weirdo with very shallow tears 😅😅😅

Good times.

I quite miss this version of me. Hoping I feel this free to write whatever I think again.

Enjoying reading through blogs/class reflections posted online by teachers, specifically those who tackle media studies. One blog I stumbled upon today is Emily Contois' site.

2023 reading list via Literal

Filed under: Quality K-pop content~

In preparation for band rehearsal next Sunday, decided to listen to the only track we have that's officially released. Congrats to me for being able to finally listen to this track without cringing.

Spotify says we only have 4 monthly listeners. We're probably the only band with a release under Warner Music that has a uhh small listenership :)))) #whocares

CURRENTLY LISTENING Secret Rendezvous from the Netherlands! A New Year's find c/o my sister-in-law. Amazed at the neo-soul stuff coming from Europe!

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Please be reminded that Instagram is not a messaging app. It is, but it really isn't.

Happy new year! 🤣

Top artists listened to in the past 7 days: Lianne La Havas, Day6, Jacob Collier, Janelle Monae, Gil Evans

Closing the year with this list. How accurate!

I love Apple Music but it's odd how albums are categorized. What IA is this...

Can't believe how much of a mood high I've gotten out of this nippy weather. It's helped a lot with focusing, too.

Not considering how my eczema responds to dry air, but I do think my soul (oh wow) is really made for cooler weather.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Miles Davis 🤝🏻 Gil Evans

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Aaaaand another one! Can't believe I was in the same room as these talented folks that one night a few months ago. :)

Today in: 2022 favorites - Emily Elbert and Jacob Collier. I can't believe I actually saw these 2 perform live this year. :)

Everytime we do some ref Tetris with the stuff it contains = feeling of annoyance for this unintentional puzzle and overwhelming sense of gratitude for the amount of food we have

Back in the day, Mac Premo's editing style was quite unique to the internet that it was copied by some folks and at some point, made popular by Vox. Now everyone tries to do the same snappy editing style, accompanied with sound effects for every cut/onscreen graphic placement that nothing seems to rest anymore. Everything comes with a click and a clack and a swipe and a ding. Or in this Reels-y day and age, everything is set to a 30s music snippet or AI voice.

Everything is the same same same same same same same same

(Mentally jumps to McLuhan's the medium is the message~)

“If your story doesn't contain a surprise, then your story isn't a story. It's a report.” - Van Neistat

Command Line Interface Guidelines

Ok, JHA's Times Now is one of my favorite fonts of late #no1curr

Screenshot from my Literal account of a 'shelf' labeled "Me as a speck of dust" with book covers, one on top is Mere Christianity by CS Lewis

Created a new shelf thing over at my Literal account.

Re: owning a smartwatch

For someone who's supposed to be 'Slow Tech-aligned' (hah), here's how I take advantage of using a smartwatch without it getting in the way of life~

  1. It's on Do Not Disturb by default, with notifications switched on only from family. I turn this off when I place a delivery and will need to be notified of its arrival. Because of this, I can keep its sound turned on and will not be bothered by seemingly random beeps.

  2. The only app notifications allowed are related to reminders I have intentionally set. These include taking my vitamins/medications when needed, items on my calendar (this helps with my timeblocking practice and keeping myself in check), the Workout app (so that I get alerted about movement-related tasks).

  3. Currently, an analog watch face is set by default. The Metropolitan watch face is my favorite now (sometimes I have the Minnie/Mickey one set when I want them reading the time to me with their kooky-sounding voices :)). This helps me slow down a little in reading the time for obvious reasons. Forced microbreaks!

Basically I've turned the device into a glorified digital watch with the very limited beep/alert triggers while still tracking stats like a fitness watch would, but also having very handy features like serving as a remote. All of these I have access to without having to hold my phone.

Also, one random thing: I got to download a guitar tuner on it and it's probably one of the exciting use cases I have for the watch, imho. :))

I would also like to inform myself from earlier this year that we have acquired an Apple Watch and it has been very helpful. Here's to hoping it can last us a looong timeeeee (until WatchOS is no longer updateable I guess?).

I would like to inform myself from one year ago that we have seen quite a number of live music shows this year and stood onstage again (twice?) and it felt great.

TODAY I LEARNED There's such a program created by an NGO (?) called Common Sense, based in the States, focusing on mindful use of tech specific to children. My mind is blown that their curriculum on Digital Citizenship has material for kindergarteners, tackling concepts like 'media balance' and taking a break from technology. (Kindergarteners. Let that sink in.)

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The Architecture of Liminal Space

Terms noted:

CURRENTLY LISTENING Gen Hoshino's Inner Visions Hour radio show on Apple Music

For some reason, despite not fully understanding the in-between talks, I enjoy listening to them. Playing through all episodes because the music selection is topnotch.

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The struggle remains: How to make my quotation marks the curly version when using my desktop keyboard. These keyboard shortcuts are not intuitive.

FAVORITE IKEA THINGS The Lillabo wooden toys (city-building) set, designed by Henrik Johansson. I fell in love with this series and thought it would be a great gift to my godson.

Starting a new series on great IKEA finds (For design! For science!) because there is quite a selection worth keeping notes about.

TODAY I LEARNED Today in random searches: the meaning of the song 'Ponta de Areia', which I first got introduced to via Esperanza Spalding's version.

"Ponta de Areia...reflects nostalgically on the demise of a railroad route in Minas Gerais, Nascimento’s childhood home."

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As a sucky gift-giver, I find Van Niestat's list pretty informative. Love his 3 traits of what a gift should be and his note on 'expensive vs costly'. Only a thoughtful person who's had a lot of effective (and enjoyable, as a giver?) gift-giving experiences could put this list together.

"The point of gift-giving is to make people feel loved (even if you don't really love them)."

As a frequent searcher/lurker on Fragrantica, I would love to be part of their website team. I have so many thoughts~


Watching possibly my favorite J-drama by far called Quartet, an old one from 2017. One thing I take away from some of these conflicts: Meaning brings life to things, meaning can also be a destroyer of things.

Mailchimp = Marketing Champions

“Laughter is carbonated holiness,” said Anne Lamott.


Dictionary screenshot with the definition of the word 'persnickety' - placing too much emphasis on trivial or minor details; fussy: she's very persnickety about her food, requiring a particularly precise or careful approach: it's hard to find a film more persnickety and difficult to use than black-and-white infrared

TODAY I LEARNED There is such a protein in the human body (among other organisms) called Claudin~

Won't be ashamed to admit that one of the things I like about myself (there's not a lot so this means something HEHE) is my name. Thank you, mom and dad.

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Re: 'me, too!'

What are other expressions of empathy to help a person feel that they are not alone (without us taking the spotlight away from them/the topic)?

Interesting that most people (including me, sometimes) would default to a 'me, too!' response when a person is sharing a personal story.

Most of the time, I think people just want a listening ear than a response that somehow distracts from the reason why the conversation started in the first place.

Today's a holiday and I plan to start and finish a book. Yay

Wasn't expecting Netflix's First Love to have The Postal Service, Unknown Moral Orchestra in the soundtrack! What a great show, overall.

CURRENTLY LISTENING The Best of Friends of Distinction by The Friends of Distinction (1996)

'Great Day' randomly played in my brain, so I thought of playing this album, which I remember listening to when I was a child.

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CURRENTLY LISTENING This Is What I Mean by Stormzy (2022)

Album art with image of a door and a door mat with a note on it that says 'this is what I mean', with a streak of sunlight creating a spotlight on it

About to finish reading a book with this album playing in the background. Happy Sunday!

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I might not have binge-watched a TV show this Saturday, but I did spend 2.5 hours listening through Wondery's Over My Dead Body. I am such a horrible binger.

The smell of soba in the morning triggers memories of Sendai breakfasts~

The version of myself that I hate the most is me as TV series binger 😂😔

“It's not just about getting out of an extremely depressive state, or getting over a divorce or a really bad breakup. It's like, how can therapy be a tool to get me to see life slightly differently, and make me slightly happier?” - Jordan Rakei on therapy

I love talk therapy. You don’t need to be clinically diagnosed with anything to find benefit from it. Always a great thing to speak with a professional thought untangler, imo.

Now there’s that question on access and affordability, though.

Why we’re awake at 4:30 AM - Remembered to check a Figma work file access, needed to make sure it was set to ‘Only those invited’ 😭😭

Hey, Siri. Play ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers

Went to see PREP in 2018, saw a sea of phones shooting horizontal videos before me.

Went to see PREP yesterday, people mostly shot vertical vids!

Times have truly changed heh

Going to a concert is the best because you can dance all you want and not care if someone (who may not be the dance-y type) feels out of place. :))))

The gentrification of Manila! The streets are getting narrower, sidewalks smaller, blocks tighter. New buildings being built everywhere~ We mostly have concrete!

Ah, our markers of progress.

"You've turned into a pressure cooker."

HBO’s Barry might just be the best TV show I’ve seen this year. Bill Hader is quite the genius.

Only Apple Support provides good service. Authorized service providers pale in comparison, fo sho fo sho.

I go to Reddit even for practical concerns. Been finding communities with legit helpful responses and people feel truly sincere. Perhaps this has something to do with the moderation bots that other platforms may learn from?

I can’t believe it’s this helpful.

"An oxygenated schedule"

I wish Doh Kyungsoo stars in a Kogonada film.

Today in delaaaaaayed discoveries: the DXO One.

I just realized how much I hate editing photos :/

A comeback soon!

“Trivial many, vital few.”

Happy birthday, Claud! 🎂🥳 May you celebrate many, many, many-many more in good health and happiness! ❤️🌹

Thoughtful friend is thoughtful! Thank you, David. 🤗

Still amazed at this project: Noritaka Minami's 1972

Tsujiri's Yuzu-o-Matcha. That is the post.

If tech platforms made engagement cues/data private, only for the poster or creator to see, would that change the way we see the world/ourselves (considering how these platforms have already shaped behavior)? (re: thought on Spotify/Apple Music from last week)

“McLuhan’s view is that mediums matter more than content; it’s the common rules that govern all creation and consumption across a medium that change people and society. Oral culture teaches us to think one way, written culture another. Television turned everything into entertainment, and social media taught us to think with the crowd.”

Men I Trust: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert


As a frequent user of both Spotify and Apple Music (which likely will affect my end of year listening stats), I am seeing the product feature priorities of each platform. I love Spotify’s more well articulated IA, but for someone who likes a quieter online experience, I gravitate more to Apple Music.

I feel like Spotify’s visible stats make it more social, and fuels fandom energy. It’s like the perfect streaming platform for the passionate Twitter user (badly put, hah). This may be true for similar platforms like YouTube Music.


Being nice ≠ being kind. No one wins with all the virtue signaling, yo.

Oddly enough, it already feels like Christmas.

Proud of myself for choosing to space out while waiting for my turn at the doctor's clinic today.

Takeshi Hosaka's Love2 House (and his wife's, actually) makes it to Never Too Small! This video has me smiling from beginning to end.

Spot Donald Fagen and Carole King somewhere in the video hihi

FOLLOWING @yoshihiroimai - Owner of known Kyoto restaurant/overall chill join, Monk. Been seeing Monk featured in different places and I just get a general sense of peace seeing every single aspect of the restaurant/brand/business. Also found out from one of his posts that he was featured in a Netflix episode of Chef's Table!

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When meditation is taught by way of acceptance criteria writing in Gherkin format

Truly, my mind is blown. Makes me want to rethink how I can write my life plans in this format as well.

“All creativity just looks like content.”

CURRENTLY LISTENING Are U Romantic? by UA (2022)

Glad I got introduced to UA by my language teacher a few years back. This album showcases a much groovier side of her, which is right up my alley. Album gem imho is 'Ocha'.

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'Paste to replace' on Figma is just the best~

FOLLOWING @casiopea_official1979 - It's nice to see their username having their founding year hihi

I love music so much~

Everyone’s created their own stage out of social media, and people want to be a guest on someone else’s.

Nowadays, headlines are the main thing and context is rarely asked for (presented?)

If you choose to be vegan as an act against how animals are treated for meat to be harvested, should the act stop in your food selection? Do you just stop eating meat altogether and...that's it? (Rhetorical question, tbh.)

Rilakkuma and Friends early this year and now, Kotaro Lives Alone. What's up with my taste in animated series? 🤔

Such a great ad featuring a capella superstars, Maytree

Also, 'Over the Horizon' remains to be such a great ringtone.

"...saying New York is the greatest city in the world is kind of like saying celebrities are the greatest people alive. Beneath the veneer awaits something far more regular than you might expect. To be widely beloved, to have global impact—it’s certainly exciting to be around. But the superlative is too shallow, too literal. Sure, New York conjures a specific, singular mood, but so do a lot of places." from Haley Nahman's Maybe Baby #107: Is New York overrated?

Loving this newsletter so much, particularly this release. I was just going through Kyoichi Tsuzuki's 1997 book Tokyo: A Certain Style early this morning and the theme of both pieces is revisiting a very much popular, romanticized view of a place/culture. Always worth the discussion.

Today, I found a new favorite piece of pastry: chocolate kouign amann whew

"It's not a treat if you have it everyday!"

Lord, thank You for the gift of dance and music~

To grow old is a beautiful thing.

The power of lighting in a small space! I love how just some lighting adjustments define zones, making a small space deliver more than just 1 chunk of... amorphous space, if that makes sense.

More than anything, my love for mint chocolate is probably driven by good memories. Maaaaybe that’s it.

Big Think: ‘Why I’m against empathy” - Paul Bloom

James Hong, ladies and gentlemen. Probably the man I'd like to be.

Was asked over an icebreaker what my dream job was growing up. I realized my dream roles involved either music, the act of curating, or both combined. Heh.

Wondering if I'm the only person who is uhhh excited to sleep because of breakfast the next day 🤔


Painting of a naked woman with less bodily details facing right with other abstract shapes, color mainly in beige and bright blue

Absolutely obsessed with this.

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It's that time of life when you retake the MBTI assessment thing that everyone swears by. 😂 Happy to report that...nothing has changed.

For posterity, as of January 2022, my Strengths Finder assessment top 5 results are the following:

  1. Restorative

  2. Adaptability (which I doubt a little bit specifically the temperament part, but I understand how I am generally flexible)

  3. Connectedness

  4. Intellection

  5. Empathy (Really? But also I kinda get why, yet again.)


Always grateful to have the resources to consult a dietician and have room to align my priorities in life. Never not grateful.

(This truly is a privilege. Hoping this can be made accessible to more people.)

CURRENTLY LISTENING Untourable Album by Men I Trust (2021)

children with smiles jumping in front of a big house in a gloomy, rainy day

I can't believe I am finding this as a new-ish release in 2022. Takes me back to early 2000's (imho heyday of triphop?), but still feels so, so fresh.

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Just dropping by to say that keto or a low carb diet does wonders. I should've started sooner.

As I wind down tonight, this will be played: Yumi Zouma - Live at Hackney Studios

Your Undivided Attention: How To Free Our Minds - with Cult Deprogramming Expert Dr. Steven Hassan

Exposing yourself to the suffering of others is not to compare life states (and in effect, making yourself feel better). It’s a simple exercise of placemaking: you are going through this not so great thing where you are, I am going through this meh thing where I am at. Both not stellar in their own different ways (and maybe, objectively, their own levels of intensity), but what is the overlap? In this way, we find a way to connect instead of a chance to compare for our own ego.

Some wise words from Alan Alda

CURRENTLY LISTENING Yumi Zouma albums will get me through the week~

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Splitting the load between Notion and Obsidian. The lack of a mobile sync (since I host my files on a third-party cloud storage service) has made it difficult for maintenance. And splitting the load is ok! Whatever works, works.


A Vernacular Web

FOLLOWING Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli aka @_ garbagequeen _ aka Waste Nerd. Found her through one of those Tech Support WIRED vids and I am hooked!

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CURRENTLY LISTENING Time to listen to some Snarky Puppy, The Bad Plus again. Brain, heart, ears need cleansing~

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“Reliable rhythms lead to predictable outcomes, and rhythm is an expression of moderation.” - Jack Cheng

"Perception is real, and the truth is not." - Imelda Marcos


The Right of Peaceful Assembly

why - IndieWeb

Games I've been into so far:

He he 🤔

Officially archived my Notion and moving to Obsidian, hosting files on the cloud which provides files version history by default, without having to set up git. Yay~

TIL that the gamelan ≠ Balinese gamelan, thanks to the comments on this video, which I got quite a number of answers right /does fist pump into the air~

CURRENTLY LISTENING What a Wonderful World with Original Love? (2021)

A grainy image of a man looking into the camera with the 3 W's super imposed over his face vertically lined

Apparently this is a covers compilation album with a set of Japanese artists I admire adapting songs by Takao Tajima's band, Original Love. He actually appears in one track with Ovall called 'Kiss'.

Fun fact (which is news to me!): Takao Tajima was briefly Maki Nomiya's partner in P5, for the Bellissima! album.

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Sometimes I'm just grateful to have time to clean the bathroom.

Missing G and N, my random talk buddies, my confidants. Funny how I lost both of you almost at the same time.

THE SLOW WEB "We used to spend hours scanning bookshelves for hidden gems, flipping through crates of vinyl records to find that one perfect song or getting lost in carefully crafted photo albums. A slower pace and undivided attention gave us a sense of meaning and mystery in our everyday explorations.

But the new digital world has left us drifting. The technologies that were meant to empower us have made us passive. Machines have taken over the responsibility of serving our experiences, deciding what we should see, think, and feel."

Polite - Manifesto


Starting a new post chain for the topic.

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Updated my thought dump: Thoughts on the Slow Web

An inventory of obsessions

Took a series of vocal exercises (after years!!!) that resulted in me being...a mezzo. For real??

CURRENTLY LISTENING 海をみていたジョニー by Teru Sakamoto Trio (2007)

Rocky sea side black and white photo with a person sitting by the rocks with the album title in Kanji

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I didn't think I would get a good life season reminder from K-pop, but I did (rough translation, though): 'When I stop dreaming, that means I'm no longer in my youth.' - Suho

This doesn't mean people of old age don't dream. What I take away from this is: not dreaming is like giving up life.

Subscribed to The Atlantic's One Story to Read Today newsletter. #no1curr

Why Is Brandy Called the 'Vocal Bible'?

I think there's potential to this that can definitely be expanded on further, focusing on technique and what her influence is to the mentioned younger artists, since it was one of their main points in the video. But I still appreciate this story, for sure.

Marshall Mcluhan Full lecture: The medium is the message - 1977 part 1 v 3

Amazed how this man's observations of the world transcend time. Can't help but be reminded of Mcluhan's main thesis when I think about social media.


The Penthouse band rabbit hole has led me down to Hayato Sumino's work.

Also known as Cateen, here he is playing a fundraising online gig to raise funds for Ukraine: Cateen's Piano Live at TOKYO TOWER🗼

CURRENTLY LISTENING Living Room EP by Penthouse (2021)

A CRT TV switched on but with no image placed on a table against a bright pink wall

'Gorgeous' was the word that came to mind when I first listened to this album. Such lush simplicity!

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CURRENTLY LISTENING Over the Horizon 2016: Samsung Galaxy Brand Sound by Dirty Loops

First heard this when a coworker's Samsung phone rang while we were in a meeting, a few years ago. Wondered if it was stock ringtone because I badly wanted to listen to the full song and Shazam it. :)) After years, I finally found the track and also found future versions of it, one of them being Jacob Collier's, also an absolute banger.

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Gave my weekend braincells to a show on Netflix called Worst Roommate Ever, which The Guardian calls '[might officially be] the worst true crime show ever'. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

CURRENTLY LISTENING Sujinho by Jackson Conti (2008)

A man walking through the side of a cantilevered building with only his back seen

Ah, I love my random internet finds.

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Git Command Explorer

If a dictator's son wins this year's elections, our country will be one of the saddest jokes in history, ever.

Coup d'Etat: The Philippines Revolt - 1986

"It is true that some people may find they have to wait in the hall for a considerable time, while others feel certain almost at once which door they must knock at. I do not know why there is this difference, but I am sure God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait. When you do get into your room you will find that the long wait has done you some kind of good which you would not have had otherwise. But you must regard it as waiting, not as camping. You must keep on praying for light: and, of course, even in the hall, you must begin trying to obey the rules which are common to the whole house. And above all you must be asking which door is the true one; not which pleases you best by its paint and paneling."

(That's today in: taking C.S. Lewis out of context! Also, an analogy that made me laugh, but it is quite brilliant.)

Self-amusement is a superpower, methinks.

"According to Baudrillard, what the simulacrum copies either had no original or no longer has an original, since a simulacrum signifies something it is not, and therefore leaves the original unable to be located. Where Plato saw two types of representation—faithful and intentionally distorted (simulacrum)—Baudrillard sees four: (1) basic reflection of reality; (2) perversion of reality; (3) pretence of reality (where there is no model); and (4) simulacrum, which 'bears no relation to any reality whatsoever'." - aka Baudrillard on simulacrum, via Wikipedia

Jazz saves lives!

Grateful for friends and random opportunities in which the expression of true friendship can be made.

CURRENTLY LISTENING The past week in a nutshell!

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Some days can feel like you're going insane. This is one of those days.

(Thankful to be sane enough to post this. He he.)

NOTE TO SELF It pays to recognize your need to grieve. You have to assess if you're unable to go through grief because of a distraction or potentially other reasons. If a distraction conveniently got in the way, remember that grief can make itself felt at a later time if not properly dealt with. (The question to ask now is: Is it better to grieve sooner or later? When is the best time to grieve? Not that you have to force it to happen, but maybe one has to be open to it/really make room for it. Etc, etc)

Saw Drive My Car and Spencer recently and all I can say to each is: it's hard and beautiful to be human. Will need to watch both again.

Inasmuch as I love the thought of smartwatches and how they work, I realized they're essentially more disposable than actual (real, not fashion) watches. Aka adding up to e-waste!

(This may be a thought brought about by my newfound obsession with CASIO digital and G-SHOCK watches. :/ Not that I've began collecting. I've just been watching a lot of watch teardown videos. #no1curr)

CURRENTLY LISTENING If I Didn't Love You by Ben Abraham (2022)

Gradient and grainy color sphere in green and peach against a light periwinkle background

This single is a compilation of a new favorite and some of Ben's releases of late that I've had on loop last year. Excited for the new album.

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We know we have a good life when:

CURRENTLY LISTENING Love I Need by Moonchild (2022)

Had this on repeat recently at night, while work tapers off.

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'The kingdom of heaven is buried treasure. Would you sell yourself to buy the one you found?'

NOTE TO SELF The School of Life: Being A Good Listener

Key points:

  1. They egg us on.

  2. They urge clarification.

  3. They don't moralise.

  4. They separate disagreement from criticism.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Varis from Thailand is a new random playlist standout, thanks to his 2022 single 'can't let u go'. Now listening to his past releases. So many fresh, solid Asian acts, eh!

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A purple sky with the words Pilmography WONPIL 1st album with Wonpil's side profile shown until right below the nose


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Heard some birds chirping outside my window and my impulse had me pressing on my keyboard's volume up button because I wanted to hear more of it.

What have we become~

CURRENTLY LISTENING Shonan Beach FM 78.9 via

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FOLLOWING Not new, but worth the mention, since I just saw him do a livestream talk today--twice: Craig Mod. Constantly amazed by his work! He creates elegant content/story/design projects that are packaged beautifully and still feel very personal. Hoping to produce work similarly.

It's funny that my most recent impulse purchase is yet another domain name.

Made my own oat milk, have been stocking up and freezing spinach puree, etc etc. These things are actually easier than we originally think.

Absolutely grateful for everyday. Even when the mind (aka my occasional greatest enemy) gets in the way, heh.


Black and white photo of Fujii Kaze with his eyes closed, his long hair styled to be unkempt

Obsessed with this and his covers album! This boy is quite the talent.

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CURRENTLY LISTENING Drive My Car Original Soundtrack by Eiko Ishibashi (2021)

Album art with hand drawn man standing against a car with a woman driver, design has an almost watercolor like finish. Everything is in black and white except for the car that's rendered in red.

Been seeing the record stores I follow stock up on this album. Got me intrigued and was not disappointed! Now I want to watch the film because the tracks definitely have a cinematic quality to them, as if playing out a narrative. Eiko Ishibashi seems to have thing going on in her work, which is great. What a nice accidental discovery~

› View post chain: #1643548390 Why Portuguese is the Best Language for Music

Someone actually wrote about it! Seems like I'm not alone in this observation. 🥰

CURRENTLY LISTENING Mais Que Um Momento by Emilio Santiago (1983)

Emilio Santiago sitting on a couch in a shirt that's green and red with red pants

There's really something about the Portuguese language when sung. It just flows nicely with music.

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I REMEMBER Not being able to work because the song that's playing is just making you pause for a head bob or a dance break. (Semi-related to this.)

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Dance whenever you can, ok

A Duolingo notification alerting me to go back to my lessons. The Duolingo green owl mascot is shown to be lifting weights

Is it weird to be living alone and watching a looooot of videos of peoples' solo living setups? 🤔

CURRENTLY LISTENING Walkin! by Otis Lim (2021)

A vector drawing of a green apple facing a mirror with a pensive look. Both actual apple and mirror reflection have empty speech bubbles beside them

A new K-indie discovery that I absolutely love. Can't wait to hear more from this guy.

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It’s weird when ‘see you in 2 weeks’ from your doctor doesn’t happen because now she’s gone.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Yakhal' Inkomo by Winston Mankunku Ngozi

Black and white album art image with a man's profile showing him holding his saxophone against a black background

Awake at 2:45 AM, no thanks to water drip sounds. Decided to read my devotional, listen to a jazz record, and work on a project. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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CURRENTLY LISTENING tellusboutyourself by Yerin Baek (2020)

Yerin eating a potato chip from a bag of Lay's against a background/wall with different posters

I remember listening to this last year and it didn't appeal to me as a full album but it did have a few standout tracks. Listening to it now, it's such a strong album that's just generally a mood, but also I love the groovy/house-influenced tracks which I didn't expect. Five stars, yes.

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In relation to this uhh happening, I have tagged this set of posts separately, inelegantly called 'alt text fail'~

I always return to this: 🌱 My blog is a digital garden, not a blog

Have strong negative feelings* toward the performative nature of social media

*clearly avoiding the use of 'hate' 😅

'profoundly superficial' vs 'superficially profound'

LOEWE | Joe Brainard: A Writer to Remember

I REMEMBER the satisfaction of cleaning a linty hairbrush.

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I REMEMBER good showers--hot water for the back and limbs, cold water for the face.

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Made a new folder in my new-ish (made in 2020) email inbox called 'My favorite emails'. This was the first one I saved.

You’ll be given love / You’ll be taken care of / You’ll be given love / You have to trust it

Maybe not from the sources / You have poured yours / Maybe not from the directions / You are staring at

Trust your head around / It’s all around you / All is full of love / All around you

(Thanks, Björk.)

CURRENTLY LISTENING Records played to start and end the day in 2022

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Ah, fandom bubbles (esp in Kpop) - the space to exercise ones confirmation bias.

I REMEMBER that time when chicken breast slices tasted like bread.

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CURRENTLY LISTENING BADモード by Utada Hikaru (2022)

Album art for BADモード album with Utada Hikaru in her brown sweats, standing in a hallway in what seems to be her home, against a while wall, with a child at the edge of the frame running away from her

Her vocals, always a win 💗

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Accidentally stumbled upon Joe Brainard's work through a Fleet Foxes Instagram story (wow, thanks, Instagram?), and I will now start a series inspired by it. The whole practice/idea of journaling in that manner is perfect for all of these memories I have floating in my head that get me feeling nostalgic, more often than not. This is my attempt to grab a hold of them when they appear in my mental foreground. Here we go!


Album art for MUTEMATH album with the band members in a rehearsal room with their instruments, their faces whitewashed

Mutemath's 'Noticed' has to be one of my favorite songs, I just realized. I can't believe Darren King made me appreciate the role of the hi-hat in this song specifically. It adds so much character to the song in a way that I didn't expect.

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Why we're tired at work more than necessary: chat as a replacement for shoulder taps + quick conversations is not the same. You don't get the same assurance that the person is looking at you when you talk to them, the attention you get in response at the time you expect it is just! Not! The! Same!

Grateful for having in the background all these years. One piece of meaningful tech for me, imho.

Wondering how many GIFs all of these office communicator apps have served since the pandemic started. I resort to GIFs for some...human warmth during these times.

Last Friday, I discovered on Netflix one of the things that I would end up loving so, soooo much. I am quite close to writing an episode guide of sorts, because I don't doubt it'll be absolutely worth the time. 😅

Things that keep us apart even when we are physically together (a list-in-progress):

: (


Album art for ECO PACK album with two portraits of Faye Wong placed side by side, one  has her covering her eyes with both her hands, the other shows her eyes looking at the camera with her right hand covering her mouth

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Most of the time, when you hold a thing and assess its beauty or value, you judge it for what it is, not because it's carrying with it an info card of stats on how many people like it.

How can we keep our discoveries more organic?

This year, may you always have the patience to wash your hands to Happy Birthday sung twice. Happy New Year!

Am I even asking the right questions?

Trying to seriously tackle what a slow, quieter web means to me. Pretty much setting the tone of 2022. More signal, less noise. But this only matters if what you (I, really) try to communicate is even meaningful. (What then makes a meaningful presence online?)

Ah, life.

And by this I meant me! I'm the one who's catching up with all the good music that's now available to listen to. 😅

Late is late but is catching up: 12 Must-Hear Albums from ECM, the Influential Jazz and Classical Label Finally Streaming

Got my Dave Brubeck Quartet record in the mail and I have spent the past 15 minutes just staring at my speakers. Why does it feel like such a brain cleansing exercise~

I don't ever want to get the feeling of being productive just because I "made content" out of my day (and cumulatively, my life).

TIL that Spotify streams Ogg Vorbis in 320kbps, and I have been streaming only on High setting all this time.

Not a fan of waking up in the middle of the night but sometimes it happens, and sometimes you post about it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tomorrow is another day for breakfast. Happy New Year!

I remembered this super cool project: Alt Text as Poetry

In my attempt to take advantage of Facebook's free resources and supposedly non-secure practices (because I am uhh antiestablishment like that), I tried to host my images for this page via Messenger. I know it's such a scrappy thing to do, but I've always thought their public URLs remained public. Apparently they expire! (Yay?)

So now my CURRENTLY LISTENING album covers don't load, and I am now exposed as a horrible alt text writer. In 2022, I will do better, I promise. For now, please scroll through my post chain and have a good laugh.

A Cal Newport snippet I am stealing from someone's highlights on Literal: "A better strategy for shifting others’ expectations about your work is to consistently deliver what you promise instead of consistently explaining how you’re working."

Kind of like an inside joke for me or something. :)) But this is a great reminder.

I saw this coming but it still hurts when you see an actual press release on it. 😅

Been on a standup comedy show binge of late. Would love to see Aziz Ansari perform live one of these days~


Green box with circle window in the middle showing clouds - AKMU Next Episode album cover

Consistently a record I've played more often in the morning (as I prepare breakfast and do some vacuuming. :)) What a nice morning EP. Doesn't hurt that the disc is pretty!

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Wrote 2 user stories!!!1111

How the weekend is shaping up: yellow tint natural lighting (I wonder what this means, air pollution index-wise...?), some Phoebe Bridgers, The Holiday (I get it, Netflix, you're pulling it out come December 31st), some egg salad sandwich (a mean spread c/o my mother), and some plum wine. With vacuuming in spurts!

One of the best things I've done this year has to be softly quitting things. I say 'softly' because having a strict/cold turkey approach doesn't feel realistic. Managing things seems more effective to me.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Djesse Vol. 3 by Jacob Collier (2020)

A portrait of Jacob Collier made of little raindrops with a black background - album art

Would love to see Jacob Collier's Djesse series performed live. What a talented human.

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If there's a game I can win in a sport called Home Management, it's probably fridge Tetris.

Routines are underrated.

Tea is the norm!

THINGS THAT MAKE ME BOOGIE Cool mornings and the sound of birds chirping

I am not a birdwatcher, but I notice the different chirping sounds, which means I'm actually in the company of different bird friends in my vicinity, hihi.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi - a TED podcast

Podcast cover art in pink with drawings of people standing

I love this podcast. Episode of note: 'When will I get over my breakup?' - Love the learnings on the topic at hand, and also on research and data gathering.

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Should be integrated to the social world again. It sometimes feels like I no longer know how to talk to people.

Me during a group intro: I listen to a lot of music. Music keeps me company since I live alone.

(Other people introduce themselves.)

Someone from the group who thinks they know me: Claud said earlier she listens to a lot of K-pop.


My sense of humor has saved me.

FOLLOWING @bdenzer

Whew, the way Ben Denzer makes all of these miniatures out of paper is just 🤯🤯🤯 (Also of @ice_cream_books fame, in case that account’s familiar.)

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Tbh, I wouldn’t know where I’d be without music. I am gratefuuuuuuuul for it and for other forms of art that have served a positive impact on our mental well-being.

I still have thoughts about calling certain things ‘nonessential’. This is a developing story...

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…”

(They say this is a C.S Lewis quote, but I'm not sure where it's from exactly.)

CURRENTLY LISTENING Belvedere by Beady Belle (2008)

album art for Belvedere, with half a face of the lead singer

As the kids would say, 'such a banger'. Feels like a warm hug, always.

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Today in: Food Saved Me!

A two-week old chocolate chip cookie (usually my favorites can last a bit long because of my awesome willpower--I am able to keep at least 1 piece in the freezer to consume in tiny bites) and an apple smoothie. What a mood lifter.

Stuck my head out the window earlier today and just listened to the birds chirp. The air smelled like sweet pine with a hint of fried breakfast food. 😂😂

“A non-traditional narcissist” 🤔

NYTimes: It’s Never Too Late to Pick Up Your Life and Move to Italy

BOOKSHOP MAP Your Mind; Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷

I can't remember how I found this bookshop, probably through Instagram. But I clearly remember seeing their website and I knew I already wanted to see their stuff in person. Someday, someday.

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BOOKSHOP MAP I'm starting this little chain for listing bookshops I'm fond of but I've never been to. Mostly independent bookshops, but may include non-indie ones, too; who knows? :)

Went e-book 'shopping' this morning, and I realized it's almost as bad as buying books from a bookstore because you can accumulate so many books and end up not reading any of them in full. :/

Aziz Ansari's Master of None has to be one of my absolute favorite shows ever (also one of the smartest-funniest). Wish I could write the way he does.

Meaningful Stone - Beep-Boop, Beep-Boop [CLUB CASPER 2021 Day 1]

About to scan negatives from 2019. This is harder than I thought. 😅😅

Today in National Holidays:

CURRENTLY LISTENING Discovery by Daft Punk (2001)

Daft Punk album art

Probably the album that truly cemented my love for electronic dance music, which started in high school, I think.

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Virgil Abloh’s Lecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design

CURRENTLY LISTENING Jinah Restaurant Full Course by Lee Jin-ah (2018)

a photo of Jinah by a piano as her album art

A true full-course! The diversity in this album while still having a coherent sound. Oh, the stuff Jinah gets to pull off. Also, I am still obsessed with that opening track. One of K-pop's best, surprising collabs, imho.

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Albums made out of the pandemic can either be really intense or just dull (like being meta type of dull).

CURRENTLY LISTENING What We Call Life by Jordan Rakei (2021)

a collage style album cover

This album makes me feel like I'm floating underwater, enveloped by stories and feelings...if that makes any sense. Sonically, the vocal arrangements give off this effect the mostest. 🤔 Gah.

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What Do I Call You album art, a girl image drawn with colored pencils

Had this on loop all afternoon. What a great 2020 K-pop album, ugh.

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CURRENTLY LISTENING Lianne La Havas by Lianne La Havas (2020)

Lianne La Havas album cover with her smiling

Such a greatttt Saturday morning album. That cover of 'Weird Fishes', eh?

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“A life in thankfulness releases the glory of God.”

Resignations are weird.

Of course, there are some things you spend time patiently waiting for that end up being underwhelming.

Grateful for every breath.

Joined friends in a Spotify group listening session and finally getting the hang of this feature (the first time we tried this more than a year ago, there were tech difficulties :))

Interesting how even a low-maintenance life can require a lot.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Anthropocene by Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra (2018)

Anthropocene album art

This album is such a mood setter. ☺️

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CURRENTLY LISTENING Bitches Brew by Miles Davis (1970)

A painting as Miles Davis' Bitches Brew album art

This record turned 50 last year!

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Here's to me hoping I get a copy of this album, puhlease. (Also, a Nate Chinen review!)

'External markers of adulthood ≠ maturity' - found in some video essay on adulting. Can stand by this, for sure.

CURRENTLY LISTENING Bossamanila by Sound (2003)

Scene from the Manila bay, photo used as Sound's album art for Bossamanila

The great throwback. One of my favorite Filipino bands ever.

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CURRENTLY LISTENING From All Sides by Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete

From All Sides by Vince Guaraldi and Bola Sete album art in green with a photo of the 2 artists

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Bought a pair of cheap but hiiiiigh quality bookshelf speakers. Played Guaraldi's 'Ginza Samba' and was surprised at how much better the track can sound. Might've shed a tear. 😂

Found a link to this via Wesley's page, which is great because I have been thinking about looking for a physical copy of Alexander's book. It's nice to hear his voice!

CURRENTLY LISTENING Alas, I Cannot Swim by Laura Marling (2008)

Alas, I Cannot Swim album art

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Did YouTube really make video autoplay the default again? 😔


Tokyo Jihen - Sports album art

I can't believe this album is 11 years old. I still feel like it's a recent release, for some reason. Still, hands down, my favorite album from them. 'Season Sayonara' still makes me cry a little.

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Not kidding, it's quite a great skill to be able to laugh at yourself.

THINGS THAT MAKE ME BOOGIE A pantry that's always full~

'The BuzzFeedication of Mental Health' by P.E. Moskowitz

Found via Dense Discovery

NEW THINGS Just installed a new browser plugin called Delay Distraction by a developer student named Frank Jia. You probably know what it's for. :))

DREAM LOG "She's probably cooped up in her box, praying for something (more) to happen, just like any other woman."


Got a little bit obsessed with a coffee shop’s dirty matcha drink because it was soooo good (hullo, Dot Coffee) = couldn’t sleep without wondering if I was going insane

I have found myself in this corner of the internet over lunch break.

YouTube autoplay being funny:

Funny. (Ngl, that TBZ release is something. The Thrill-ing era was pretty short, though.)



Today in movie screenshots:

In a capitalist society, hypocrisy ensures convenience.

Don't be the bull endlessly ramming its horns into the corner of the room.

Christmas music in 2 words? Vince Guaraldi.

Basically spent this weekend doing chores and watching movies. This was the line-up:

Was going to call it an all-Asian mini movie marathon, but that won't be fully accurate, hah.

TBD, to close the day:

There are movies that amaze me or make me feel things (ie make me weep). Romcoms fall under the latter, hah

The older you get, the less funny self-deprecating humor becomes

Ha ha

This is mostly a note to self, hah. Not that there's really a past to speak of.

When we say 'your past does not define you', people mostly refer to the bad stuff you've done. But thinking about it, your past accomplishments also don't really define who you are today. Not really ok basking in the glory of yesterday, and this can be seen in how you may feel good about yourself when you talk about what you've done in the past to other people. 🤔 Yikes.

The question should then be: What are you actually doing now?

Yo, @David aka! 👋

Hello to other folks in the Thoughts webring!

When I do an alignment call with one designer coworker, it starts or ends with intense life talk (which feels like a funny-odd switch of sorts because things almost always 'escalate quickly' from hi-hello's to...parenting and challenging the dictates of society 😆).

The older you get, the heavier your years weigh.

Feels like years that pass become a multiplier of sorts.

Probably one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. Žižek is funny.

Randomly remembered that I had Alicia Keys' Songs in A Minor in cassette form (in 2001, I only had a small tape deck in my room and while the shared PC at home had a disc drive, a CD was too expensive for my highschool budget).

Anyway, this is such a great debut album, ugh

The worrying never stops, eh?

Interesting how the pandemic has led me to be more aware of vocal fry in people's voices during work calls

It's not a hardworking Mac/Windows machine if you don't encounter a kernel panic episode/blue screen of death, heh

Pie crust is truly something else

Was pretty late to the Jon Klassen party around 11 years ago, and only found him through the music video of one of my favorite U2 songs ever (made me cry the first watched this video + listened to the song, for some reason).

He did the art for this music video! Directed by David O'Reilly.

"You find out a lot about yourself based on your font choices." (Roughly quoting Jon Klassen from his IG live when he talked about drawing letters for books. He encouraged people to try drawing type if stumped on where to start.)

Jon Klassen live on Instagram now, and he's explaining the logic on designing his characters in his and Mac Barnett's shapes book series. Basically the simplicity of his character design is so that you don't immediately know their personality--you can't tell whatever's going through their mind or if they're mean or kind, etc. You can't judge them, and you'll need to read the book to get to know them.

Visual formats usually do default to display cues of whether or not a character is sinister or whether they're the pro-/antagonist.

This is me having faith in sunblock doing whatever its meant to do while I'm indoors~ Hashtag: Aging Is Real

DREAM LOG Can't remember the whole story, but one scene sticks out: I remember seeing myself removing sub sandwich buns from an open shelf in my kitchen and when I held them in my hands, I saw that one had molds on the sides and the other without.


Realized earlier that sleep becomes exciting for me because I can’t wait to wake up and have breakfast the next day

I really love banana bread 🙊 oh naw

Art direction crush: Unlimited Edition from 🇰🇷

Personalization for trivial* online functions is extremely overrated.

Internet, give us back our brain cells. Let us decide for ourselves and make personalization an option, not a default.

*Yes, there is such a disclaimer, because it definitely has its use in the right context. It's not for everything

"There’s nothing inherently wrong with gifts, but it’s irresponsible for us to believe that purchasing presents is a holiday requirement."

An Irresponsible Christmas by The Minimalists, via

Today in life wins: Reheating fries in the microwave effectively restoring crisp~


Album art for Car, the garden's 2017 album APARTMENT; dark night with light shining on a building that looks like a cement cube with small square windows

Need to learn how to write better alt text

Here’s a supporting visual for said anecdote

Falling off from a bike in Taipei

Good times, good times.

Twitter early in the morning does make me feel tired. Or Twitter at any time of the day

My song of the year remains to be Stella Jang's 'Some Days' from her Stairs EP. Watch and turn on ENG subs, plz

(I haven't totally given up on mainstream social media platforms because some of my favorite creatives are on them, specifically on Instagram. So instead, I'm choosing to be more mindful about following people. This FOLLOWING tag thing is how I make sense of my social media activity. Blah blah)


Lovely illustrations, great bits of advice on mindful eating (and mindful living, actually)

Instant ramen is my uhh new bag of chips*.

*bag of chips = drug

Oh no

Which reminds me: I did fall off a bike in the rain one time, while overseas. Was on the ground for a while, with people attempting to ask me if I was ok, in their local language. Probably one of my favorite moments in this life. That and other past bike-related uhh booboos might've caused this meniscus tear. Nuninooooo~

Oh, the joy of getting a medical report that tells you you only have a minor tear and nothing serious.

Current brain crush: Sho Shibuya's design work as seen in his NYTimes personal project and also his design studio, Placeholder 💕

Today in Web Design~ Mailchimp's By the Books


Apparently the earlier posted quote was misattributed to Maya Angelou? Getting a thrill out of these citation investigation things borne out of the internet (because these misattributions are also common thanks to the internet~)

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."

A Chinese proverb this 88Rising Head in the Clouds stream just projected in their interstitial things~

Interesting how the need for instant social media updates has affected behavior. The (social media) proof of being present at that moment reduces the experience of being truly in the moment.

CURRENTLY LISTENING 音楽 by Tokyo Jihen (2021)

音楽 by Tokyo Jihen

Watching a music festival live stream online. I miss watching live music shows. :/

Biases aside, one of my favorite K-pop-related interviews ever. No shame in calling myself a P1ECE.

A friend gifted me this book for my birthday hihi there are (in K-pop terms) PULLS to be revealedddddd

Another piece of work from Jono Brandel’s brain: Curaturae

How I Experience Web Today dot com

This space needs this swimmer beaver gif.

Swimmer beaver GIF

Spotted on Instagram, supposedly a St. Augustine quote: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

I am reading books again!


Run-on sentences set in IBM Plex Mono c/o Google Fonts, and then some~

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